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The Advantages of Having a Silicone Manufacturer On-Hand When You Need Them

Posted by Mike Fil on November 7, 2018

When it comes to creating large volumes of a new silicone or plastic product it can be a stressful time for anyone. Getting from ideation to product release can see challenges, deadlines, and unexpected obstacles crop up that can feel overwhelming if you try to go it alone. Often, what sees a product through the process is when you can work with a manufacturing partner that has done this countless times before and can anticipate your needs.

An often-under-appreciated requirement of your silicone manufacturer is time; the time they have available for you, the time it takes for them to respond and the time it takes for your products to be made and shipped. Let’s look into how and why your manufacturer’s time and make all the difference to the success of your products.

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Three Signs You Have the Best Silicone Injection Molding Manufacturer

Posted by Mike Fil on September 10, 2018

When it comes to finding the right manufacturer, there’s nothing more important than the relationship you establish with your silicone injection molding manufacturer. A good relationship with your manufacturer can be the making or breaking of your silicone product but what can you do to make sure you’re on the same page as your silicone injection molder from the very start?

Here are three things to make sure of before you commit to any one injection molding partner.

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Your Injection Molder Determines Production Speed & Quality

Posted by Mike Fil on August 3, 2018

When it comes to quality goods at reasonable prices, there’s a third component most consumers are looking for: speed. With schemes like AmazonNow leading the way in fast shipping of consumer goods, quality silicone products aren’t the only thing your customers are looking for. They want more from the brands they choose to buy from. They want products on their door in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Here’s a look at how the right silicone injection molder should be able to help you meet that demand. 

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Explaining Shrink in Silicone Injection Molding

Posted by Corie Yodis on July 30, 2018

Shrink is a common issue in all injection molding processes, both silicone and plastic. As long as you are working with a skilled manufacturer, who has ample knowledge in material science, they should know how to account for the shrink in your design. Silicone shrinks more predictably than plastic, so it is easier to account for. All plastic resins have different shrink rates, and they are much larger than the shrink rates of silicone. Plastic shrink can also result in sink, which can be a large problem atheistically.

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Injection Molding Is Ideally Suited for Medical Components: Here’s Why

Posted by Mike Fil on June 29, 2018

When it comes to medical components and devices, the importance for precision and quality cannot be overstated. Given the relative low cost and promising speeds of injection molding, this method of manufacturing is often attractive to medical OEMs, but cost and speed are just two of a number of reasons many medical component companies approach us to injection mold their components and devices.

Here’s a look at what makes injection molding medical components so superior to other options.

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Silicone or Plastic Product

Posted by Corie Yodis on March 2, 2018

The color of your plastic or silicone product can make all the difference, especially for your consumers. It’s the first thing any customer will see of a product and can make a real impact on sales. The right color choice can set you apart from competitors and other brands, establishing your product in the market. As such, you should approach choosing color as seriously as any other strategic choice for your business.

You might not realize this but the material you choose for you product is where we you need to start with this decision. Silicone and plastics have completely different pigments and need to be matched differently. Your manufacturer should be able to advise on this, helping you through this process, but here’s some basic information to get you started.

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Extreme Molding Featured in Times Union

Posted by Lynn Momrow-Zielinski on February 27, 2018

We were recently featured in Times Union in an article that focuses on how we co-founded Extreme Molding by combining expertise in engineering and business.

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How to prepare CAD Drawings for Your New Manufacturer

Posted by Mike Fil on February 13, 2018

As we’ve previously mentioned, when you’re considering moving manufacturer or reshoring your product to the USA it’s important to have design files (CAD drawings) of your product on hand. Using these files, your manufacturer can develop a deeper understanding of your product and offer expert advice. Being able to communicate your ideas visually as well as practically makes a difference – your manufacturer will need to know the size and inner workings of your product – and the right computer-aided design (CAD) drawings can do this perfectly.

A CAD drawing is a digital file representing a product as either a 2D or 3D image. They offer industrial designers and contract manufacturers insight into the size and shape of your parts, allowing them to provide quotations and simulate stress and strain forces when necessary.  This can be significant when determining the best design of your product and improving overall quality of your mold.

Here’s how to prepare CAD drawings for a new manufacturer:

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The Benefits of Plastic Manufacturing in The United States

Posted by Lynn Momrow-Zielinski on January 16, 2018

Manufacturing in the USA is experiencing a renaissance, taking advantage of the fourth industrial revolution in digital production, and many major companies are seeking to relocate their production to the US.

The benefits of manufacturing plastics in the US might not be immediately apparent to companies who have already outsourced production to other countries, but dig a little deeper and it’s clear that USA manufacturers are offering new ways to lower costs and refine the quality of products. Here’s a look some more of the advantages of manufacturing in the USA and why you might consider moving production back home.

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