The Benefits of Plastic Manufacturing in The United States

Manufacturing in the USA is experiencing a renaissance, taking advantage of the fourth industrial revolution in digital production, and many major companies are seeking to relocate their production to the US.

The benefits of manufacturing plastics in the US might not be immediately apparent to companies who have already outsourced production to other countries, but dig a little deeper and it’s clear that USA manufacturers are offering new ways to lower costs and refine the quality of products. Here’s a look at some more of the advantages of manufacturing in the USA and why you might consider moving production back home.

Driving Down Costs

Manufacturing plastics in the USA offers you dramatically lower transportation costs. Instead of shipping products across the world, using a USA manufacturer means your products are incredibly close geographically to your markets. That’s going to make a difference to your bottom line.

In addition, if your manufacturer is using up-to-date machinery it’s likely they’re operating a smart factory (equipped with machines that collect data and adjust their processes in real-time accordingly), constantly refining and streamlining production.



Sustainability is an attractive selling feature for many consumers, so being able to say your product has a lower carbon footprint than your competitors is a strong advantage. You’re offering many consumers a guilt-free purchase of your products and making a promise to your customers about your commitment to environmental considerations.

Increased Quality

The use of the latest high-tech machines alongside excellent technical expertise in the US means that the goods plastic manufacturing produce are of an extremely high quality.  Hand in hand with quality is the safety of the products created in the US – most are BPA free, FDA approved, and meet food standards of safety. This means your customers can freely use your products without concerns over safety. This is especially important for producers of baby and pet items –and we have many clients who fit into this category.

Support & Advice

Any good manufacturer in the US will be on-hand whenever you need them in order to make sure you’re comfortable with the manufacturing process. You won’t need to wait days or weeks for communication. Instead, using US manufacturers means expert advice can be given over the phone or in person exactly when you need. This expert advice is going to increase efficiency and ensure you create the best possible product for your market – be that using liquid silicone molding, injection moldingovermolding, or compression molding. Your manufacturer will know what’s going to work best for your product.

Extreme Molding machine in manufacturing warehouse in usa

How to Find the Perfect US Manufacturer

When looking for your ideal manufacturer don’t be afraid to shop around. The right manufacturer will suit all of your needs and do their very best to be your manufacturing partner and work with you towards solutions.

These days, any good manufacturer is using smart machines (like ENGEL press emacs) to ensure their production process is smooth and efficient. These machines not only amass a large amount of data, allowing staff to refine systems, but they are also constantly monitoring and correcting their own processes in real-time in order to streamline production.

A perfect plastics manufacturer in the USA will also combine this smart factory setting with highly skilled and personable staff able to make the decisions that turn your vision into reality.

You can read more testimonials from companies we are proud to work with here. For more information on our liquid silicone capabilities get in touch. Our managers have over 60+ years of combined business experience and our team are experts in manufacturing.

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