Full Service Injection Molding

Extreme Molding is unlike any other custom injection molding service in the United States. Not only are we one of the few molders that is women-owned and operated, but we offer a rare combination of silicone with overmolding of plastics in the same facility outside Albany, N.Y.

But what really sets Extreme Molding apart is our full-service model, which allows you to focus on running your business while we take care of molding, assembling, inspecting, packaging, and shipping your high-quality, made-in-the-USA product. We will become a true partner, personally supporting your success in a way no overseas vendor can. We are large enough to offer any injection molding service you require, but small enough to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

Custom Injection Molding:

Inventors and engineers rely on Extreme Molding for silicone injection molding applications that require innovation and attention to detail.

We specialize in:

  • High-end consumer and life science applications that are technically challenging;
  • Applications that require high-performance materials, including food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicones;
  • Multi-material part constructions, including embedded electronics and overmolding of silicone over plastic or metal substrates.

Bring us your prototype or CAD files, and we will partner with you to fully understand your design and performance requirements and ensure that you receive the precise silicone injection molding service you require.


Extreme Molding is one of the few custom molders in the United States to offer silicone overmolding to plastic and silicone molding at the same location. As part of our overmolding services, we offer:

  • Molding combinations of silicones, plastics, metals, and electronics;
  • Application of medical adhesives to molded parts;
  • Assembly of your product in a Class 100,000 white-wall environment

Using our knowledge of regulatory requirements for medical and food-use applications, we’ll help you select the right overmolding material combination.

Compression molding of LSR/LIM:

Extreme Molding offers the ability to prototype your silicon product using compression molding techniques:

  • Reasonably priced single cavity aluminum molds
  • Quick 2-3 week turnaround
  • Uses same materials as production injection molding

Secondary Operations:

  • Assembly
  • Adhesives
  • Precision Punching
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Pad Printing
  • Screen Printing

Packaging and Fulfillment:

Extreme Molding wants to take the burden out of selling your product. We will:

  • Place items in retail packaging;
  • Just-in-time (JIT) produce in our upstate New York facility;
  • Process orders via your website, Amazon or other retailer; and
  • Ship directly to consumers, retail stores and distributors anywhere in the world.

If you are dissatisfied with the injection molding service you are receiving from another vendor, in the United States or overseas, now is the time to talk to Extreme Molding.

Transfer Molding of HCR:

Extreme Molding now offers silicone HCR transfer molding:

  • Apples to apples transition from overseas to domestic supply
  • Low cost silicone materials
  • Customizable silicone materials
  • Accommodates large > 1lbs silicone part manufacture
  • Very high cavitation molds achievable

From my very first meeting [with Extreme Molding], I knew I was in the hands of two very intelligent, professional, competent and caring individuals. They reviewed my design, made wonderful recommendations for changes and then, to my surprise, handed me “The MouseDriver Chronicles”, by John Lusk. It is a book about what two young entrepreneurs experienced while inventing a new product. It clearly described the emotional highs and lows a new inventor goes through, but also describes the process one might take in bringing a new product to market.

It was mind blowing and I learned so much. This book, along with Lynn and Joanne’s expert advice, helped me immensely in finally bringing my product from a simple idea to a product that completed design, manufacturing, assembly and packaging, right through to marketing and sales. Extreme Molding not only injection-molded the main piece in my product, but they also assembled, packaged and shipped the complete product to my customer base. I could not have experienced this whole process and journey without their help and expertise.

Susan Schieren Inventor of Halo SS1, the hands-free hairdryer holder