Private Label Pet Products & Supplies Manufacturing

Making Quality Pet Products in the USA

As the global leader in silicone injection molding and overmolding, Extreme Molding is the ideal American partner for producers of both brand-name and private-label pet products.

The market for private-label pet supplies is growing rapidly, and Extreme Molding has the technical capability and attention to detail to produce just about any silicone item used for the feeding and comfort of household animals. This includes collars, bowls, toys and feeding systems.

Pet lovers can be very discriminating, and the made-in-the-USA tag and traceability that Extreme Molding provides will allow your brand-name or private-label pet products to stand out from the competition. The high-performance materials we use, including food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicone, will exceed expectations for safety and durability in pet product manufacturing.

We approach every customer relationship as a partnership, and our full-service model is designed to take the burden out of offering your own line of private-label pet supplies. We will mold your product in silicone, assemble the components in a Class 100,000-rated white-wall environment and place the finished item in custom retail packaging, ready to go on store shelves.

We also provide global fulfillment, which means we will process the orders that come through your website and ship your brand-name or private-label pet products directly to consumers all over the world. We will show every one of your customers the same high level of personal service you will receive from us.

Trust Extreme Molding to turn your private-label pet supplies from prototypes or foreign-made products into the high-quality, made-in-the-USA items your customers will want for their best friends. There is no need to go overseas when everything you need is right here in Albany, N.Y.

Since we moved back to the states, we’ve changed our material from silicone to a polyurethane. We worked with them for a while on matching the right type of plastic for what we wanted. We wanted it to be FDA-approved, so if a little pup started chewing on it he would be ok and owners would feel safe with it. [Extreme Molding] did a bunch of tests for UV bleaching, how things like dog hair would stick to it, how hard it was, its abrasion resistance, its durability and so on.

They’ve been very, very helpful. Very spontaneous and very encouraging. They are going out on a limb to take on a start-up company like us and we’re very appreciative.

Robert Glover WigWag Dog Collars