The Advantages of Having a Silicone Manufacturer On-Hand When You Need Them

When it comes to creating large volumes of a new silicone or plastic product it can be a stressful time for anyone. Getting from ideation to product release can see challenges, deadlines, and unexpected obstacles crop up that can feel overwhelming if you try to go it alone. Often, what sees a product through the process is when you can work with a manufacturing partner that has done this countless times before and can anticipate your needs.

An often-under-appreciated requirement of your silicone manufacturer is time; the time they have available for you, the time it takes for them to respond and the time it takes for your products to be made and shipped. Let’s look into how and why your manufacturer’s time and make all the difference to the success of your products.

Having Time for Silicone Partners

A manufacturer that appreciates your needs and is willing to offer advice to your team on designsmaterials, and even secondary processes like packaging is going to make the process more streamlined. When they give you their time, they’re also giving you their hefty expertise and a head-start when it comes to getting production right.

Extreme Molding team- Loyal Silicone Manufacturers

American manufacturers are world-renowned for their deep expertise when it comes to plastic and silicone manufacturing — and this influences everything down to the products they make. High quality silicone products are not just the result of best in class materials, it also comes from the pioneering and high-tech processes and in-depth knowledge of an established, high-quality silicone manufacturer.

The best thing about using a US silicone manufacturer is that they have the time to spend with you — you’ll often find that premiere silicone manufacturers will offer a chance to look around their factory floor and meet their teams because they have set aside enough time to truly learn and understand their partners. This transparency coupled with honest advice sets your product up to be the very best silicone merchandise that it can be.

Because injection molding is an incredibly fast and efficient process you’ll find the best quality and value for money products are those that have been refined and adjusted prior to bulk production with an experienced manufacturer at the tiller.


Being in the Same Time Zone as Your Manufacturer

Having a manufacturer who is in a similar or the same time zone as you will save you pain points, and vastly speed up the process of silicone injection molding for you. You can often be assured that your American manufacturer is awake and available exactly when you are, instead of having to time calls and emails around overseas time zones.


If your manufacturer is in the same or similar time zone they may also be close in geographical terms, meaning you can visit them if you need to. This also means your products aren’t being shipped across oceans to get to consumers. All of this makes the process of refining and developing your silicone injection molded product smooth and ensures that important deadlines will be met.

Choosing the Right American Manufacturer

Ultimately, finding a manufacturer that has time for you is going to save you time and increase efficiency.  At Extreme Molding we have over 60 combined years’ experience in business and industry. Located in Waterlivet, Albany, N.Y, we’re one of the longest tenured women-led silicone manufacturers in the US and we take the time to get to know our partners.

Our experts will advise on every step of the silicone injection molding process. Once you bring us your CAD drawing files, we’ll be able to offer advice on design and material selection as well as secondary processes you might require. Contact us today for a free consultation on your CAD files.

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