How to Reduce the Cost of Your Injection Molding Project

Injection molding projects can be a very cost-effective way of creating high-quality products at high volumes but we know that, as a business, it’s always important for you to continually review ways to reduce costs wherever possible. We’re experts at creating products that blend quality with reducing your costs during injection molding, and our processes result in high-end consumer products made at a reasonable price. Here are some simple and easy areas to focus on when you’re looking to reduce costs during manufacturing.


Part Size

Larger part sizes require larger molds, so it makes sense that the larger the part the higher cost of injection molding. Reducing costs for injection molding can be as simple as reducing the size of your parts while ensuring you maintain a relatively simple product (more complex parts tend to cost more too). We appreciate this sounds like a hard balance to strike but your manufacturer should be able assist with this by offering a range of options to help drive down costs while maintaining quality. While most good manufacturers will require you to provide them with designs (normally in CAD file format), they will also be able to advise on the manufacturability of said design as well as where costs could be improved.

Improving Design for Manufacturability

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, Designing Your Product for Manufacturability, a large component of your part cost is going to be related to how long it takes to produce your product. Manufacturing quotes are primarily comprised of material, overhead, and labor costs. It is important to remember that the faster the cycle time and the higher the cavitation in the tooling, the lower the piece price. This will result in a lower overhead cost, a lower labor cost, and an overall lower cost to your customer.

Mold Material & Color of Pigments

We’ve spoken about this before, but the material and color color of your product makes a difference in cost of manufacturing. When considering this, remember that in particular the resin used in manufacturing your product components can have significant impact on the cost. Little things make a huge difference. Finding the right raw materials for your product is as important as nailing down the right design. As a general rule, the most specialize and demanding your product requirements, the more the materials are going to cost.


As with any kind of manufacturing, the better the machines you use the more efficient the process. Most recently, many manufacturers use smart machines in conjunction with specialized expertise to create a blend of automation and expert knowledge that ensures the processes in manufacturing your projects are streamlined.


In-House Secondary Manufacturing Processes

Finding a manufacturer who can handle almost every part of the manufacturing process – carrying out complex tasks in-house and secondary processes – will ensure that your project is as efficient as possible. Where-ever possible, ensuring work can be done within a factory floor means reducing the time and cost of transporting components to the manufacturer. At Extreme Molding we try to offer a full range of services for companies we partner with, including overmolding, coating with adhesives and cryogenic deflashing, meaning it’s likely that every step of your manufacturing can be done in-house.

USA Based Manufacturing

Reshoring your manufacturing can significantly decrease transportation costs overall. The reduced transportation costs and increased quality of using a US manufacturer can make USA manufacturers ideal partners for plastic and silicone manufacturing. Over the lifetime of the product you also can be assured of quality, knowing that your US manufacturer is an expert in their field.

Trust your Manufacturer

They key to saving yourself money is to ask your manufacturer for their input on reducing costs and choosing manufacturer who is transparent with their quotes. Any good manufacturer will be experts in their field and should able to assist you in reviewing the manufacturing process. At Extreme Molding transparency is one of our core values, and so we also recommend finding a manufacturer willing to be open about their bottom line, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Long-term, you can save a lot of money by partnering with a molder who is able to intelligently manufacturer your products, optimizing every step of the process. While your manufacturer will expect you to, at a minimum, already have CAD files available for designs they will be able to advise on refining your designs and, in turn, reduce costs.

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