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Extreme Molding is a leader in plastic injection molding and medical silicone molding and has helped many companies, large and small, make their ideas and designs an actuality.

Here are some testimonials from our past and current clients:

“We looked for a US manufacturing partner for a full year before we finally found Extreme Molding. They found creative ways to help us bring costs down so that we could afford to manufacture in the US, and the fact that they also do fulfillment helps us realize additional savings as well. The Extreme Molding Team has integrity, tons of expertise, and maintains a high standard of quality in everything they do. All in all, they are excellent partners, and amazing people.”


“The Chamberlain Group produces anatomically accurate medical models that capture the consistency and response of living tissue, providing the best alternative to animals and cadavers for training in new devices and procedures.

We outsource production on very few of our precision cast products, but we found that Extreme Molding meets our exacting standards. The company is responsive, honors deadlines, and offers competitive pricing. In the three years we’ve been working with them, we’ve found they always go “above and beyond” in customer service.”


“A year ago we were doing most of our production in Asia. We wanted to move back to the U.S. for better communication and better quality products. We started looking on the web and found Extreme Molding. Their capabilities were along the lines of what we wanted to do, and they were a small company that was growing and that was something we were interested in. One of the most important aspects to Extreme Molding was that they were a full-service company. The fact that they could go from molding to packaging to warehousing to shipping was very enticing.

Since we moved back to the states, we’ve changed our material from silicone to a polyurethane. We worked with them for a while on matching the right type of plastic for what we wanted. We wanted it to be FDA-approved, so if a little pup started chewing on it he would be ok and owners would feel safe with it. They did a bunch of tests for UV bleaching, how things like dog hair would stick to it, how hard it was, its abrasion resistance, its durability and so on.

They’ve been very, very helpful. Very spontaneous and very encouraging. They are going out on a limb to take on a start-up company like us and we’re very appreciative.”


“From my very first meeting with Extreme Molding, I knew I was in the hands of two very intelligent, professional, competent and caring individuals. They reviewed my design, made wonderful recommendations for changes and then, to my surprise, handed me “The MouseDriver Chronicles”, by John Lusk. It is a book about what two young entrepreneurs experienced while inventing a new product. It clearly described the emotional highs and lows a new inventor goes through, but also describes the process one might take in bringing a new product to market.

It was mind blowing and I learned so much. This book, along with Lynn and Joanne’s expert advice, helped me immensely in finally bringing my product from a simple idea to a product that completed design, manufacturing, assembly and packaging, right through to marketing and sales. Extreme Molding not only injection-molded the main piece in my product, but they also assembled, packaged and shipped the complete product to my customer base. I could not have experienced this whole process and journey without their help and expertise.”


I compared and contrasted [Extreme Molding] to other companies and elected to go with them, partly because of their technical expertise [but also] because they were small and somewhat more flexible then some of the larger companies. It was the ability to work closely with the two owners that was very important to me.

I compared and contrasted [Extreme Molding] to other companies and elected to go with them, partly because of their technical expertise [but also] because they were small and somewhat more flexible then some of the larger companies. It was the ability to work closely with the two owners that was very important to me.

LilyPadz has been working with Extreme Molding for about 14 years. It has been more than a supplier-customer relationship. We have more of a personal relationship with both Lynn and Joanne.

The biggest advantage has been the fact that they do the packaging and shipping for us. It relieves us of that burden and gives us more time to focus on the marketing and the sales. If we had to have our own packaging operation, and our own shipping operation, that would have been an investment on our part and a lot more for us to manage. Because they manage that for us, it just makes our life easier.

Overall, we are very satisfied with their shipping. When we took on international sales and it required palletized loads that had to be prepared for export, we were very happy with their service in that regard. Whether it was to Canada or to Europe, they knew what needed to be done and how to do it properly. So, that was a plus for us. It was something we didn’t have to go out and learn from scratch.


Based on my experience, fabricating a mold isn’t just a science – it’s an art. From our concept through creation, in production, right down to customer order fulfillment, Extreme has been an integral business partner. Extreme continues to accommodate our evolving needs and their team’s wealth of knowledge and experience keeps everything running smoothly. Most importantly, their product quality is second to none.

Extreme Molding is an exceptional company to work with.

Their expertise and knowledge in engineering, manufacturing, shipping and distribution has been invaluable to us as a start-up business and allowed us to grow globally, quickly and fluidly.

Their honesty, responsiveness, willingness to find solutions, communication and knowledge has been vital to our company and stands apart in businesses today.

I feel grateful to have partnered with them and would highly recommend them.


Our Partners

Extreme Molding is the top choice for high-end consumer and life science products made from high-performance silicones. From our home just outside of Albany, NY, we partner with both small and large businesses throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Extreme Molding has the technical capabilities to handle any complex silicone molding application. Over the years we have developed expertise in the markets of non-regulated healthcare products (specifically for women and infants) , specialty consumer/light industrial products, pet supplies, and medical components.

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Launch a Product

If you have a great idea, we can help bring it to life. We’ve done this before and enjoy becoming partners throughout product creation. From advising you through the mold sourcing process, to delivering your new product to customers, we want to work with you every step of the way.