Your Injection Molder Determines Production Speed & Quality

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When it comes to quality goods at reasonable prices, there’s a third component most consumers are looking for: speed. With schemes like AmazonNow leading the way in fast shipping of consumer goods, quality silicone products aren’t the only thing your customers are looking for. They want more from the brands they choose to buy from. They want products on their door in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Here’s a look at how the right silicone injection molder should be able to help you meet that demand.

High Volumes, Lightning Speed

Veterans of silicone manufacturing will understand that silicone injection molding is one of the fastest and low-price methods of manufacturing high volumes of any given product. If you want to better meet demand, and produce products quickly, look no further than an injection molding manufacturer in the USA.  While the initial set-up can and should take some time (a good manufacturer will take the time to produce a quality mold for your products) once the process begins, cycle times for silicone products produced in this manner are lightning fast. When injection molding is done right, your product could be ready to ship within 24 hours of receipt — and this is the case for most orders in our facilities.

Superior Technology

The speed of injection molding is coupled with a highly efficient and low waste process. This is achieved through selective automation of smart machines like the ENGEL emac we employ in our facilities just outside of Albany, N.Y. Smart machines are capable of using real-time analytics to automatically set parameters and create a production process that is as smooth as it is precise. Partner this with highly trained experts who understand the complex interactions at play during manufacturing and you have yourself a production process that is efficient and fast.

If your manufacturer is doing their job right, they’re also using powerful shipping fulfillment tools like ShippingEasy, ShipStation or GoShippo that can allow you to integrate orders of plastic or silicone products into a software designed to keep you organized. A good injection molder will co-manage this software with you to make sure your product hits retail stores or distribution centers exactly when it needs to.

The Goods

There’s nothing worse than receiving a faulty rush-order. Consumers shouldn’t have to accept a lack of quality in exchange for speedy delivery, and you don’t want your brand name becoming synonymous with anything less than the best quality. Find a manufacturer who is experienced in producing precision and high-quality goods, and who also provides shipping and fulfillment services, and you’ll be able to maintain quality while meeting your consumers’ demand for fast delivery. Fast shipped goods should never compromise on integrity, and with the right manufacturer you don’t have to.

The Partner

Ultimately, what’s going to speed your shipping process up the most (while guaranteeing the highest-quality goods at affordable prices) is having a manufacturer located within the same country as your consumers. Partnering with the best silicone injection molder the USA has to offer will allow you and your customers to experience the very best processes injection molding has to offer. Beyond this, your product doesn’t need to be shipped across half the world to end just to get to a point of sale or doorstep, meaning your increasingly impatient consumers can be delighted with your shipping times.

It’s no coincidence that companies are increasingly turning to USA manufacturers to get the job done when it comes to silicone injection molding. If you’re ready to make the move to a quality manufacturer with over 60 combined years of experience in business and industry contact us today.

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