CAD Drawing Services

Design for Manufacturability

Navigating your silicone product from prototype to production can sometimes be delayed by the need for computer-aided design (CAD) drawing files. Extreme Molding simplifies this process with our CAD drawing services, ensuring seamless consultations and efficient product development.


2D & 3D CAD Model Solutions

When requesting a quote for an injection molding project, having a CAD drawing of your part is paramount. With these files, we can gain a better understanding of the size and shape of your product and can better advise you for a successful production run.

Our CAD drawing services are designed to make it easier to bring your ideas to life and to reduce the turnaround time of working with multiple vendors. Here's what's needed for a 2D/3D CAD drawing quote:

  • Product Description: Provide a detailed description of your product to ensure accurate representation in the CAD file.
  • Purpose of the Product: Share insights into the function and application of your product.
  • Sample of Your Product: If possible, sending a physical sample helps us capture intricate details accurately.
  • 2D Drawing of Your Product: While not a substitute for a CAD model, a 2D drawing can complement the information needed for the quote.

What to Expect

Our commitment is to make the product development process as smooth as possible. With our CAD services we strive for precision and efficiency in every step of the injection molding journey.

Are you ready to work with Extreme Molding? We hope so!

We can help you with your CAD file so you can move to production faster and with more confidence.