Mason Bottle


Recently, we worked with Mason Bottle to establish their manufacturing in the US, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Because of their ingenious ideas, and thirst for sustainability and environmentally friendly products, Mason Bottles are a brand we love working with. Here’s a look at how our partnership came together:


The Product

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2015, Mason Bottle makes unique baby bottles nipples and silicone sleeves that can turn any mason jar into a baby bottle. This offers a non-toxic and affordable solution for parents who want to move away from plastic baby bottles. The wide mouth of mason jars makes them easy to clean and to sterilize so they’re ideal for use in this way. In Mason Bottle’s own words, it’s “a baby bottle that’s better for babies and for the planet.”

The Opportunity

We worked hard to provide Mason Bottle with exactly what they needed – they’d been searching for a US manufacturer with affordable silicone capabilities for a whole year so they knew exactly what they required and we knew that we could give it to them.

We love working with start-ups just as much as we love larger more established companies, and for Mason Bottle our experience working with emerging companies made us an ideal partner.

Using liquid silicone molding, we worked with Mason Bottle to create their design producing a product that does not leach chemicals and is flexible enough not to break when placed around different bottle shapes. A product that is safe for infants, and the environment, as well as cost effective was what Mason Bottles set out to find.

A particular focus was on bringing down costs to ensure this US manufactured product wouldn’t cost any more than other baby bottle alternatives manufactured elsewhere, and that it was competitively priced. Alongside this we worked to ensure their product maintained a high standard of quality.

The Result

Our ongoing partnership with Mason Bottle has produced a high quality and affordable product for Mason Bottle’s consumers, and has ensured Mason Bottle can continue to grow.

“You face this dilemma where you just want your child to be able to drink of out something that’s safe, but you’re worried about the risks posed by chemicals in plastic, and you’re worried about the risk of glass breaking. It’s frustrating to feel like there aren’t any truly safe options,” said Laura Belmar, “Momtrepreneur” and Co-Founder of Mason Bottle.

On working with us, Mason Bottle said: “We looked for a US manufacturing partner for a full year before we finally found Extreme Molding. They found creative ways to help us bring costs down so that we could afford to manufacture in the US, and the fact that they also do fulfillment helps us realize additional savings as well. The Extreme Molding Team has integrity, tons of expertise, and maintains a high standard of quality in everything they do. All in all, they are excellent partners, and amazing people.”

Ourselves, we are extremely happy with the result and enjoyed working hard to solve Mason Bottle’s challenges. Mason Bottle are one of our favorite kind of partners – a company with a vision to nearshore production to the US, while producing a quality and well-priced product for their customers.

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