Extreme Molding is uniquely positioned to do overmolding for a broad range of consumer and life science applications. Whether we are overmolding plastic with high-performance silicone, embedding electronics in plastic for the latest high-tech device, or putting silicone on top of silicone to make a safer infant pacifier, we have the technical expertise and the material expertise to take on the most complex and demanding applications.

Plastic and silicone overmolding requires more than just the right equipment, which we have in our manufacturing facility in upstate New York. It also calls for an extensive knowledge of raw materials and their compatibility, particularly when it comes to factors like shrinkage and temperature requirements. Extreme Molding co-founder Lynn Momrow-Zielinski spent much of her earlier career on the materials side of the manufacturing industry, including several years with ExxonMobil Chemical and GE Silicones. She will work closely with you, along with her business partner, Joanne Moon Duncan, and their team of engineers, to determine the best materials to make your product manufacturable and ensure it meets regulatory and performance standards.

Customers and engineers also appreciate our flexibility, responsiveness and attention to detail. With our unique, full-service model, you will quickly see why no other company, in the U.S. or overseas, can meet your overmolding needs like Extreme Molding.

Overmolding Plastic

Customers are looking for the right manufacturing partner for challenging assignments that require high-performance plastics to combine with other materials. That’s why they can trust Extreme Molding. We are the recognized expert at overmolding plastic over electronics and metal components to create quality, made-in-the-USA health care and consumer products. Although we no longer mold plastic in house we work with plastic partners to assure you the best possible one stop shopping experience.

We are skilled at and have worked in the past with a range of plastics, including fluoropolymers; thermoplastic elastomers and medical and FDA-grade plastics, and will work with you to determine the right material for your product.

Silicone Overmolding

Extreme Molding is the U.S. manufacturer of choice for consumer and life science applications that require silicone overmolding. We are experts at overmolding silicone onto plastic substrates, including BPA-free plastics such as Eastman Tritan co-polyester, as well as combining various types of silicone for performance and durability.

Our vast knowledge of materials extends to food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicones suitable for infant pacifiers, teethers, pet toys and any other consumer product designed for use in direct contact with food. We are experienced in the regulatory requirements for medical and food-use applications, and will assemble and package your product in a Class 100,000 white wall environment.

Compression Molding of LSR/LIM/HCR Silicone

Extreme Molding offers compression molding capability that allows you to prototype your LSR/LIM part in the same material you will use when you scale up to injection molding. We will quote you a low cost, single cavity aluminum compression mold that can be built quickly. In less than three weeks, you will have actual silicone parts in your hands for field testing and market evaluation.

We can also prototype silicone HCR parts using this same approach as well as provide an economical solution for very low volume applications.

Transfer Molding of HCR Silicone

Extreme Molding is pleased to offer HCR transfer molding as an alternative to LSR/LIM injection molding. Transfer molding is particularly suited to large silicone parts weighing over 1lb or overseas products that are already being made from HCR transitioning to domestic supply. 

Silicone HCR materials can offer lower material cost advantages than LSR/LIM where filler additions are suitable. HCR materials can also be custom compounded to provide specialized conductive, heat resistance and chemical resistance properties.

HCR transfer molding can sometimes allow for sharp corners and complex geometries to be molded easier than with injection molding.

Our team is ready to work with you to choose the best material and molding method for your product.