Extreme Molding Featured in Times Union

Extreme Molding Team Photo

We were recently featured in Times Union in an article that focuses on how we co-founded Extreme Molding by combining expertise in engineering and business.

We’re especially pleased with how the article took a look into our story and successes, as well as challenges.  We’re a unique full-service silicone and plastic injection molding manufacturer in that we’re one of the longest-tenured women-owned molders in the US— this is something we’re proud of and we’re glad Times Union picked up on that.

You can read more about our story in the Time Union’s post on how Two women overcame hurdles to co-found Extreme Molding.

To experience success in any industry, you need to have a strong background in the field coupled with experience balancing work and life. We believe that our experience in business and engineering (some sixty years combined) coupled with the fantastic team we have on the floor are to credit for our current success.

We’ve overcome a lot to get where we are today so we know what it’s like to be starting out within the first ten years of your founding, navigating uncharted waters. With sixty years of experience combined we’re here to be the manufacturing partner you need, advising you on design and material selection as well as other aspects of manufacturing.

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