Extreme Molding Capabilities

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Extreme Molding. Manufacturing quality assurance is part of everything we do. Our range of in-house capabilities means that attention to detail will follow your product from start to finish, which means that each item has complete manufacturing traceability.

We are:

  • Fully versed in Six Sigma methodology, including design of experiments;
  • ISO ready and in the process of becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified;
  • QRS- and FDA-compliant, including process validations for medical components

The manufacturing quality assurance process begins the moment we partner with you. After consulting with you, our skilled engineers will determine exactly what needs to be done to design your product for manufacturability. We will work closely with mold fabricators to ensure your mold meets our high standards and produce sample components for first article approval before moving into mass production.

Manufacturing Traceability

Extreme Molding’s full-service model is unique among U.S. silicone molding companies, which means no one gives you full manufacturing traceability like we do.

We can take your product through the entire manufacturing process, including secondary operations, in our upstate New York facility to ensure an unbroken chain of manufacturing quality assurance. Our molds also are sourced in the United States, and our network of raw materials suppliers enables us to verify the quality of every substance used in your product.

Manufacturing Problem Solving

There are several reasons why Extreme Molding is a global leader in manufacturing problem-solving for technically challenging silicone molding applications.

  • Deep engineering talent;
  • Experience with a wide range of high-performance specialty materials;
  • Modeling using the SOLIDWORKS CAD system;
  • Multiple molding methods, including overmolding
  • Flexibility, responsiveness and ability to work within tight schedules

We will partner with you to fully understand your product design and performance requirements. Then we will put all of our capabilities to work to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want it to be.

Our popular Baby Banana Brush was originally produced at a factory in Taiwan. While we were happy with the standards and production from this plant, the company’s growth ultimately necessitated the search for a second manufacturer. We particularly wanted to find a manufacturer in the U.S. that could compete with overseas production costs and still produce a quality product.

We struck a partnership with Extreme Molding and went to work on building our first mold. As is sometimes the case with new molds, there were some challenges once it arrived. This is where Extreme began to show its true colors. Lynn, Joanne, Mike and the whole team worked tirelessly to help solve the various problems in our first mold. They were completely forthright about every issue, and graciously offered to absorb much of the costs in the various fixes. They could see the potential for both companies in getting things right, and they made it happen.

As years pass, we continue to see this pattern and working relationship with Extreme. When challenges arise, we can always count on them to be fully transparent and fair in finding solutions. We have launched more new products with them, and will continue to do so. Our companies have become so intertwined that Extreme sometimes feels like an extension of Live Right. We are thrilled to share our success with them and hope for many more years of a successful partnership.

Ryan Phillips COO, Baby Banana Brush by Live-Right LLC

Baby Banana Brush