Upscaling Extreme Molding’s Liquid Silicone Rubber Capacities


Operating in a 21,000ftfacility, recently Extreme Molding identified a need to upscale our Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) outputs in order to maximize output. We value transparency, so here’s a brief look into the process.


The Requirement

Extreme Molding already operated using an ENGEL press so the process was relatively simple and the requirement was clear. As we gain more partners and clients there is a need to increase output while maintaining superior quality and customer service. We identified a particular contract that would be met more efficiently with increased LSR capacity.


The Solution

After a detailed consultation, Extreme Molding commissioned two more ENGEL emacs on the manufacturing floor. This means we more than doubled our output while ensuring our energy efficiency.

Working with ENGEL, these machines have been put to use on products such as Infant Teething Toothbrushes this year.

With three ENGEL machines currently operating on the factory floor, our manufacturing process is smart. We pride ourselves in coming up with intelligent solutions for our partners and now our machines are smart too, and can identify the smallest deviations in production conditions. They can determine, recommend, and even automatically set parameters meaning our production process is as smooth as it is swift.

Our new e-macs are compact but incredibly efficient. Their speed and precision set them apart from other machines.

Our highly technical and expert staff couldn’t be happier with the results. The machines allow us to maintain our record for excellent customer service while increasing out output.


Do you have a project you’d like to take from prototype to product or a product in need of upscaling? 

Do you have a project you’d like to take from prototype to product or a product in need of upscaling?

Contact us. Our managers have over 60+ years of combined business experience, and our staff are technical experts in manufacturing. Everything we produce is made in the USA.

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