How to Find Sustainable Injection Molding Manufacturers

The environment, and increasing consumer need for sustainability, were a hot topic at NPE2018 this year. When it comes to sustainability, few processes can rival silicone injection molding in the USA – a fact that can reduce cost for you while providing peace of mind for your consumers.

Let’s take a look at how sustainability is embedded into injection molding, and what to look out for in a manufacturer to ensure you’re working with a sustainable company.


Reduction of Waste

When it comes to silicone injection molding, few processes can improve upon the efficiency of material. Look out for a manufacturer blending selective automation, with state-of-the-art injection molding machines, ensuring the highest quality products. High quality products don’t just mean a better consistency for you, but it also means less waste overall.

Injection molding is a low-waste process as it is, but where there is waste – at Extreme Molding we like to implement hot-runner and cold-runner technology to cut down on waste material.

When you also find a manufacturer with a history of precision engineering in fields like medical components and infant products, you can be more assured that they will be able to minimize waste of resin and plastics because they’ll produce a consistently great product.

Manufactured in the USA

Reshoring your manufacturing is an easy way to dedicate yourself to sustainable manufacturing. If your product has less distance to travel to consumers – indeed if your manufacturer can also do secondary processes in house – then you’re producing a much more planet-friendly product.

Seeking local manufacturers in the USA is a great way to show your customers that you’re committed to sustainable plastics manufacturing. A side-effect of finding a USA plastic manufacturer is that they’ll also increase upon the quality of your product and be available to talk to you in-person. Having a manufacturer that you can get to know is exactly how you can develop a lasting and strong relationship, leading to future collaborations and innovations.

Durability of Materials

The priority for a lot of our partners is that we use virgin materials. These are resins that have never been molded. When it comes to items that are made to last – like WigWag Dog Collars – there’s often a particular focus on using materials that will not tarnish or weaken over time. When using non-virgin materials, the heat and pressure of injection molding – repeatedly – can weaken the molecular structure of the components.

While recycled materials might seem like the most sustainable option for potential products there are some products that make most sense to be virgin resins because they then have the ability to last and never be thrown out.

Collage of WigWag Dog Collar Made By Injection Molding Manufacturers

High Quality People

At Extreme Molding, we like to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service. We believe the key to any relationship – and improving your sustainability – lies in the close working relationships we establish with our partners.

When it comes to injection molding we’re constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities for our partners. For over fifteen years we’ve made sure our partner’s priorities are our priorities, and we think that makes all the difference when you’re searching for a manufacturer who can help you meet consumer needs. If you have an infant product you want to manufacture, get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to make sure you retain your intellectual property.

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