Silicones vs. TPEs for Infant Care Products

Posted by Mike Fil on April 15, 2019

Designers of infant care products need safe, clean materials with the right performance properties and processing capabilities. Silicones, a group of synthetic elastomers, are used in baby care products such as pacifiers, baby bottle nipples , feeding sets, sippy tops ,...

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Silicone or Plastic Product

Posted by Corie Yodis on March 2, 2018

The color of your plastic or silicone product can make all the difference, especially for your consumers. It’s the first thing any customer will see of a product and can make a real impact on sales. The right color choice can set you apart from competitors and other brands,...

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Silicone Overmolding Secrets

Posted by Mike Fil on July 31, 2019

Silicone overmolding is an injection molding process that molds silicone over, under, or through a substrate material to complete the final part. By allowing product designers to combine the best of two materials, this manufacturing process supports variations in durometer...

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Visiting Our Facilities: A Walk-around with the Baby Toon Team

Posted by Mike Fil on June 25, 2018

At Extreme Molding we absolutely love customer visits. Recently, one of our newest customers (from Hawaii) came to visit us in our Albany, NY facility. Here’s a deeper look at what they do and what we’re working on for them.

The Baby Toon Team

The Baby Toon is a safe silicone baby spoon designed by seven-year old entrepreneur and innovator, Cassidy. Cassidy was looking to solve a problem for the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair when she noticed that her mom always got scared when her infant sister put the back of a spoon in her mouth.

Quickly, she came up with the idea of Baby Toon — a safer alternative to baby spoons. Made entirely of silicone, the spoon can also be used as a teether because of the soft FDA food-grade material it is made with. The whole Crowley family came together to make up their team and turn Cassidy’s idea into reality and we’re so excited to be working with them on this.

When our relationship with the Baby Toon team began, they were looking for a USA manufacturer of high quality silicone to turn their idea into reality. The Crowley’s are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing in the USA, so it felt like the perfect fit. Naturally, because the product is intended to be safe for infants, they wanted to be assured that their manufacturer was up-to-speed on the standards required for infant products and could produce the best quality products possible.

Cassidy baby toon

The Visit to Our Facilities

We welcome visits to our site because we know the best way to understand what injection molding silicone products is all about – as well as to have the level of trust required to allow us to manufacture your product – is to talk to our experts in-person. Meeting our team, and taking a tour of our facilities, is one of the best ways to truly understand the level interest we have in every product we manufacture. 

BabyToon Visit-1

Of the tour, the Crowley’s said: “Thank you all so much for your hospitality and tour of your facility.  We really appreciate the time you spent with our family and the knowledge we gained from our day at Extreme Molding.  We are so fortunate that we were able to meet the team and gain new friendships.  We have confidence that Extreme Molding is the right fit for Cassidy’s spoon and we hope the future brings great success for the both of us!  Thank you for helping our daughter have her dreams become a reality.  We have enjoyed the journey of learning about entrepreneurship, invention, and manufacturing. Thank you and a big Mahalo from Hawaii!”

Helping You Grow

We’re so excited to help the Baby Toon blossom into an authority when it comes to baby spoons and other products.

Baby toon product silicone spoon

We adore silicone injection molding and plastics manufacturing. Our team loves what they do and breathe their passion into precision and efficiency when it comes to your projects. We always welcome customers, old and new, to come to our facilities because it’s only when you’re standing on our factory floor, hairnet hugging your scalp (or beard), that you can understand the depth of commitment and enthusiasm we have for your products.

If you have a silicone baby product that you want to turn from paper to product – like Cassidy – get in touch with us today.

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