How To Choose a Silicone Manufacturer

Choosing a silicone manufacturer may feel like a daunting task and we understand that there are many factors to consider when looking for a manufacturer to partner with to help create your products.

Assessing your needs as a company will help determine the kind of manufacturer that you want to work. Being upfront about your expectations for quality, speed, and communication can help you find a silicone injection molding manufacturer that fits your needs. Here are some more important considerations to address when choosing a silicone manufacturer for your products:


One primary consideration to make when choosing a manufacturer for your silicone products is figuring out whether to go with someone based in the United States or overseas. Time and again we see many products start out overseas, only to be re-shored to the USA when volumes and demand for quality increases.

As with all decisions, there can be pros and cons to both choices, but it’s important to consider the long-term when thinking about U.S.-based silicone manufacturer. The superior quality, speed, and innovations in USA-made silicone can often ultimately save a company money and place them in a competitive position for consumers. The U.S. is one of the world’s top silicone product manufacturers and leads the way in manufacturing process innovation.

Additionally, local manufacturers can streamline product development timelines by having in-person meetings and conducting calls within regular operating hours. From a sustainability perspective, fuel consumption, packaging material, and greenhouse gas emissions are far lower compared to what it would be importing goods from abroad. Financially and logistically, this also translates to significantly reduced shipping costs, transit times, and resource allocation.


Communication is a key part of manufacturing a product, whether it be in the initial contact with the manufacturer, during the design process, or after the product has been produced. When choosing a silicone manufacturer, make sure to select an organization that is easy to get in touch with and offers a collaborative approach.

Hiccups can happen in the manufacturing process, and if you need to make changes or have a question, you want to rest assured that the manufacturer will get back to you quickly and professionally. Look for a manufacturer who will take the time to develop a relationship with your company and truly understand your needs and how to best meet them. Choosing a manufacturer in or near the same timezone can help reduce communication barriers, especially in the case of high-priority needs.


What kind of track record does a potential manufacturer have? It is always a good idea to go with a well-established silicone manufacturer that has built up a history of positive experiences. Ask potential manufacturers what types of projects they have completed and assess how your project would fit in with the manufacturer’s history. Finding a manufacturer who caters specifically towards your vertical can save you potentially costly mistakes.


An established silicone manufacturer with a positive history of producing quality products likely has a good deal of expertise backing up their success and this can be a real advantage for your products. Expertise in project management, paired with a skilled and knowledgeable workforce helps produce the highest quality silicone products possible.

No matter what your silicone manufacturing needs are, finding your perfect match in a manufacturer is the key step in getting your products on the market. Not all manufacturers are equal, and paying attention to the manufacturer’s location in addition to history, expertise, and communication expectations can help enable you to narrow the field to find the best silicone manufacturer to produce high-quality silicone goods.

At Extreme Molding we combine expertise, history, and the highest quality silicone in our USA-based facilities to help meet the requirements of all of our partners. Working with us is a true partnership during which we’re dedicated to making sure your silicone products are of the highest possible quality. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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August 16, 2023 |