WigWag Dog Collars: The Injection Molded Collar Made to Last


Making durable collars suitable for pets living an active lifestyle with their owner is exactly the challenge WigWag Dog Collars faced when seeking to deliver the highest quality products to their customers and re-shore their manufacturing to the united states.

Here’s a look at how Extreme Molding stepped up to help them grow their business and offer their customers second-to-none dog collars at affordable prices.

The Challenge

When we initially connected with WigWag Dog Collars, they were a startup with a big vision. Right away we saw the importance of helping them to exceed expectations when it came to material selection and molding techniques during manufacturing.

Dog collars go through a lot, but WigWag Dog Collars are able to go through more than most. They have a lifetime guarantee for the pets who wear them, and that’s down to the materials and production processes we use.

When WigWag Dog Collars approached us, they were looking to create a product that was extremely high quality and could stand the test of time all while being safe and comfortable for use by pets, and they wanted it manufactured in the US – a tall order that Extreme Molding could deliver.

The Solution: A Durable Chew-Resistant Dog Collar

During our initial problem solving and material selection processes we came up with a unique collar that uses FDA (food grade) materials meaning it doesn’t matter if your pup chews on their collar a little for whatever reason – it’s chew-safe.

Above and beyond the FDA food-grade materials we use, the collars are also designed to be odor proof and heavy duty meaning that when you bring the dog home you don’t bring the entire forest with your best friend too.

The FDA-approved thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) was a step away from silicone for WigWag Dog Collars, but it was also the ideal solution for their requirements. Not only are the collars easier to wash, and stench-free, they’re also color transfer resistant, UV-stable, and able to keep their luster no matter where they’re worn. Unlike other materials like leather or nylon products made with polyurethane are generally much more resistant to tearing and cracking – something most dog owners know all too well of traditional collars.

Our rigorous quality control alongside our location in the US gave WigWag Dog Collars reassurance that their collars would always be up to the standards they wished to offer their customers.

The Result

We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with WigWag Dog Collars and as their business continues to grow we look forward to our relationship flourishing.

Robert Glover, from WigWag Dog Collars, said: “They’ve been very, very helpful. Very spontaneous and very encouraging. They are going out on a limb to take on a start-up company like us and we’re very appreciative.”

The Future

We’re always eager to help businesses grow and realize their potential when it comes to their visions – and this includes purveyors of pet products. One of the most rewarding parts of our process is being able to work with our partners to overcome their challenges and produce high-quality pet supplies and products that turn strangers into loyal customers. In the past we’ve also made bowls, toys, and feed system for pet suppliers taking products from prototypes or overseas manufacturing and ensuring the materials and designs we use produce consistently great results.

If you are looking to grow your pet supply or product business contact us today for a free consultation. We are the ideal American partner for brand-name and private-label products.

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