What Makes a Quality US Manufactured Pet Product?

The brand-name and private-label pet product industry is a sector that has grown quickly and expanded over the years. There are now many companies competing to put the safest, healthiest, and best-selling pet products out on the market. Pet owners view their household animals as another member of their family and are constantly putting in the work to make sure their furry friends are loved and cared for. Pet owners typically research the best vets, food, grooming products, accessories, and even toys to make sure they are providing their pets with nothing but the healthiest and safest options. So, what makes a quality US manufactured pet product stand out in today’s market? You start by choosing the right manufacturing materials to create your product.  

At Extreme Molding, we have seen the pet product industry grow quite rapidly. There is now an ability to produce just about any product for feeding, entertainment, or comfort for household pets. This includes dog tags and collars, bowls for food and water, toys, and more. To stand out amongst competition in this market, pet product companies must choose quality materials for their product and conduct their manufacturing through a US injection molding partner. When determining the quality of a US manufactured pet product there are several characteristics that people look for including safety, comfort, and durability. 

wigwag dog collar US manufactured pet product at extreme molding


To ensure that the product is safe for their pet to use, pet owners look for products that are easy to clean, food safe, and dishwasher safe. This way, they can keep the bowl, toy, or whatever the product may be clean enough to come in contact with their pet’s mouth and not cause any bodily harm or sickness.  



Pet owners also look for pet products that are going to allow their animals to be comfortable while using them. This is extremely important when choosing to manufacture products such as dog tags, collars, and toys. It is essential to choose a manufacturing material that is soft to the touch and non-reactive with other chemicals to avoid any irritation with the pet’s skin or fur. 



You also want to consider durability when producing a US manufactured pet product. Most pet products should be flexible but durable enough to withstand heavy use. For example, a dog toy should be flexible enough to bounce back to it’s original shape after being tugged on and played with. It should also be durable enough to withstand even the toughest of chewers. 


Pet Product Manufacturing Materials: Silicone & Thermoplastic Polyurethane


Silicone for Pet Product Manufacturing

Silicone is often used to mold a variety of manufactured pet products in the US. Silicone is decided upon due to its easy to clean surface, flexibility, durable nature, and food safe properties. Silicone also has low levels of extractables, which are substances that migrate to the product’s surface after being exposed to harsh temperatures.  


Thermoplastic Polyurethane for Pet Product Manufacturing

Similarly, to silicone, Thermoplastic Polyurethane has low levels of extractables and withstands harsh temperatures. TPEs also share the comparable properties of being easy to clean, flexible, and durable. TPEs are available in higher durometers for greater hardness but can deform permanently or lose their material properties when subjected to repetitive usage such as chewing. TPEs cost more but, unlike silicones, can be melted and re-processed once molding is complete. 


Case Study: The WigWag Dog Co. & Extreme Molding Partnership

WigWag Dog Co. makes dog collars that are durable, waterproof, flexible, odor proof, and color-transfer resistant. These products also carry a lifetime guarantee for the pets who wear them. When WigWag decided to bring their product manufacturing back to the US from China, they contacted Extreme Molding, leaders in the US injection molding industry.  

During the material selection process, Extreme Molding recommended an FDA-approved thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), instead of silicone to manufacture their product. By using this TPE instead of silicone rubber, WigWag improved its product and has had continued success. The company’s injection molded products don’t just last longer and look better, they are also USA made and help to promote pet safety.  


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At Extreme Molding, we work with TPEs and can also injection mold BPA-free co-polyester and a clean, pure, traceable silicone that meet FDA and USP Class VI requirements. Trust Extreme Molding to turn your brand-name and private-label pet supplies from prototypes or foreign-made products into high-quality, made-in-the-USA, items your customers will want for their furry friends. Contact us today to learn more! 

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