The Importance of Your Relationship with Your Injection Molding Manufacturer

When it comes to finding silicone injection molding manufacturers there’s nothing more important than getting the right fit. It’s not just cost and time that can be influenced by a difficult relationship with your manufacturer — your product quality is at risk too.

Here’s a closer look at the difference a good relationship with your silicone manufacturer makes, and how you can find the right partner.

Strategic Fit

Many people skip over this step but one of the biggest components of finding that perfect manufacturer is making sure you fit together strategically. Your priorities should be your manufacturer’s priorities, making for an effortless blend of teams when it comes to creating your product. If your priority is quality, you can’t mess around evaluating manufacturers who are especially focused on bottom-lines and reducing costs all of the time. Your priorities are just that — things that should be at the very front of your mind.

To give an example, here at Extreme Molding we partner with companies seeking to manufacture exceedingly high-quality goods at reasonable prices, and who are dedicated to manufacturing in the USA, be that for their customers or more generally for their own peace of mind.  We’re a perfect fit for companies seeking the kind of quality you can only find in American factories, and who appreciate the high-quality expertise we offer.

Growing Trust

Once you’ve found your perfect manufacturer, the entire process injection molding process is not going to be successful unless you trust one another. Most good manufacturers will offer to sign an NDA to help ease your mind when it comes to intellectual property. Too often, designs sent to overseas factories end up getting copied and counterfeits hit the market shortly after. To maintain the trust of your brand, having a trust-worthy manufacturing partner is essential.

Long-Term Partnerships

There are economies of scale when it comes to manufacturing and switching manufacturers mid-way through production can cut down on efficiencies. When you’re choosing a manufacturer find one that you’re ready to have a long-term relationship with. One who will can be there through the ups-and-downs and who can be your strategic partner when you are looking to bring new products to market down the road or make adjustments to the components that you’re already making. Having an established relationship with shared goals will make the set-up of your next run that much smoother. You can read more on the long relationships we have fostered in our testimonials.



Customer Service

Communicating about CAD files, materials, and mold measurements can get tricky among the scientists and engineers who do this every day. Adding in time zones, language barriers and cultural differences can greatly increase room for miscommunication and as the result, errors. You want to make sure that the manufacturing partner you choose has a proven track record of great customer service with clients just like you. If you’re not sure, ask for references.

Previous Work

Previous clients and references are not only a good way to get an idea for a manufacturer’s customer service, but for their entire process. Any good manufacturer will be an open book and be able to offer you case studies and testimonials from previous clients that can assure you of their quality. Once you’ve spoken to your potential partner and have a feel for the way they work, talk to some current and previous clients to make sure they had an experience that matches what you’re being told.

If you want to make your components and/or products for years to come, you will want to build a strong relationship with your injection molding manufacturer. Make sure you know what your priorities are and then find a company that aligns with them. Compromising on what’s important to you can show in the final result of your injection molding component.

At Extreme Molding we have over 50 years of combined experience in business and industry. If you’re ready to partner with a silicone injection molder who makes your product their priority get in touch with us today.

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September 17, 2018 |