The History of Silicone Injection Molding Manufacturers Forecasts Future Innovations

When you’re seeking a silicone injection molding manufacturer who can handle large volumes of silicone product, there’s no better way to forecast your future than to look at the history of the silicone manufacturers on your shortlist. Their story can tell you a lot about their future.

Here’s how the past of your injection mold company can inform you of the innovations they’ll be part of tomorrow, and how you can narrow down your choices in order to find the right manufacturer for your products.

In Silicone Manufacturing, Experience is Everything

The more established an injection molding manufacturer, the more you can rely on them sticking with you through whatever challenges you face and coming up with smart and innovative solutions along the way. Younger injection molding facilities can seem like they’d be agile, but when you’re looking for a bulk supplier of quality custom silicone goods you need to be able to trust that your manufacturer knows what they’re doing — and that knowledge comes from experience.

The History of Silicone Injection Molding Manufacturers Forecasts Future Innovations

In particular, when you’re examining their experience consider looking for the following:

  • An experienced manufacturer: They should have a solid understanding of the industry, and be able to offer sound advice based on experience with silicone manufacturing.
  • A team of highly skilled managers from diverse backgrounds: Some overseas manufacturers may focus on speed rather than quality and expertise, but if you are truly dedicated to bringing to market a product that is truly high-quality silicone you’ll look for a manufacturer who invests in their people. You’ll find the more technically skilled their employees the more streamlined the process becomes.
  • Selective automation coupled with experts: When you partner with a manufacturer, take a look at whether they have a history of blending smart machines with their experts, making the most of their technologies and talent to ensure their clients are offered the most cost-effective and quality solutions.

Location is Everything

While silicone production is a worldwide industry, the location of your injection molder can tell you a lot about their company. For example, manufacturers located in America tend to have a higher commitment towards traceability, quality, and sustainability. This has evolved from an industry that is dedicated to ensuring that made-in-America products are synonymous with quality.

Overseas manufacturers might seem like an attractive option initially, but veteran injection molding clients will tell you that cost effectiveness for large volumes soon tips in favor of USA manufacturers who have much lower reject rates and access to some of the best experts and technologies in the world.

Client testimonials

There’s no faster way to understand a silicone injection molding company than to take a look at their previous customers. You’ll find innovators in their field will have client testimonials to back up their claims because they have happy customers.

Finding a Silicone Manufacturer You Can Trust

At Extreme Molding we have had a reject rate of less 0.1% for the last 5 years. This is a rate we’re constantly seeking to improve because we know that your medical grade silicone and food grade silicone products need to be the very best that injection molding has to offer. Whatever your focus when it comes to quality — whether it’s BPA free and FDA approved materials or making sure the parts are incredibly durable — it’s our focus too. Located in Waterlivet, NY, we’re a silicone manufacturer near you.

We’ve also been around for over 15 years in this industry and have over 50 combined years of experience among the management team. As one of the longest-tenured Women-owned silicone manufacturers in the USA, we have a history steeped in innovation and success. Couple this history with a team of experts, able to advise on types of silicone materials, pigments, designs, and more, and working with us means working with a partner you can trust. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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