The Brushies: Taking an Innovative Product to Market

Having been in business for over 15 years, at Extreme Molding we have a very diverse range of experience when it comes to our custom injection molding projects. A factor that stands-out across many of our partners is the need to preserve intellectual property. We work with companies that are pushing the frontiers in their field and, as such, there is a need to ensure innovations are preserved. We’re always willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect intellectual property as we progress into working with new partners to ensure that you feel safe in sharing your innovations.

The Brushies were an innovative company we worked with to product a high-quality product – a novel finger-puppet toothbrush.  Let’s take a look at how we preserved their property and grew their manufacturing with a USA based facility.

The Challenge

Two moms, Dr. Hilary Fritsch and Dr. Colleen Crowley, sought to reimagine how brushing teeth could be for children by developing a product that made brushing fun. By making the activity more enjoyable, they wanted to improve infant dental hygiene and avoid extra trips to the dentist beyond regular checkups. As a dentist and psychologist, as well as parents, each knew the sticking points when it comes to brushing teeth with kids.

When they came to us, Fritsch and Crowley were looking for a manufacturer who could ship and distribute as well as produce their products – initially as a small startup this was an invaluable offering for them. In addition, the pair knew they wanted a USA made product to ensure their product was of the highest quality.

Quite reasonably, the pair were also eager to preserve their property and ensure their processes were not shared with other people or companies. While any good manufacturer should offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (and never take your work) our transparency and traceability in addition to our willingness to sign NDAs appealed to Fritsch and Crowley.

The Solution

Being a company owned by two women entrepreneurs, Extreme Molding seemed like the perfect fit for The Brushies LLC – we’re also women-owned (and one of the longest tenured women-owned manufacturers in the US) and have a passion for upscaling production of innovative products in infant care, consumermedical and pet supply industries.

Made with food-grade silicone that is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, The Brushies finger-puppet toothbrush we came up with together is BPA and phthalate free, making it ideal as a product for infants to stick in their mouths (as intended!). The durability and easy-to-wash nature of silicone means that this product is ideally suited for chewing on. Our in-depth knowledge of pigment and materials allowed us to come up with a product that’s attractive and safe for use.

“We know how toxic some things on the market can be and believe in providing the safest, highest quality product possible.  After all, this is a product for the most sensitive and delicate people you know,” said The Brushies LLC.

The Result

Working together with The Brushies this project has flourished. It’s always great to work with a partner who trusts our deep expertise in molding and repeatable injection molding.

The Brushies finger-puppet toothbrushes are a popular product with families across the USA. Given the team have patented their finger toothbrushes (a good idea for you if you have an innovative product or process) they are looking to add new members to the same family of Brushies soon. Customers of Brushies can be assured of the quality of the product they are buying because of this patent, and the fact that the components are entire made in the USA.

Dr. Colleen T. Crowley, Mama, President, Founder, Psychologist at The Brushies LLC said “Extreme Molding is an exceptional company to work with. Their expertise and knowledge in engineering, manufacturing, shipping and distribution has been invaluable to us as a start-up business and allowed us to grow globally, quickly and fluidly. Their honesty, responsiveness, willingness to find solutions, communication and knowledge has been vital to our company and stands apart in businesses today.  I feel grateful to have partnered with them and would highly recommend them.”

We’re always looking for innovative and next-level products to manufacturer. As a manufacturer we’re not afraid to try new things – we were the first molder in the US to overmold Eastman Tritan co-polyester with silicone as a BPA-free alternative to polycarbonate. Being uniquely and highly skilled in silicone and plastic manufacturing means that we’re able to be agile and come up with unique solutions to your challenges.

If you’re forward-thinking like us, and in need of high quality products, get in touch today for a free consultation.

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