High End Consumer Products

Silicone Consumer Products Manufacturer

Extreme Molding is the silicone household products manufacturer of choice for customers looking for a true partner in the United States.

We bring unmatched expertise in molding complex part designs using state of the art, all-electric, highly precise and repeatable injection molding equipment. Contact us when you have completed the prototyping phase, or when you are ready to bring your foreign-made product home.

Once we become your partner, you will understand why Extreme Molding is no ordinary household products manufacturer. Our technical capabilities, knowledge of high-performance materials and attention to detail are matched by our superior, highly-personalized customer service. We accommodate small runs from 5000 parts and large runs with the same care and professionalism, and we are always flexible and responsive to your needs.

We are a silicone household products manufacturer who truly understands the importance of speed to consumer market. Because we source all of our molds in the United States, we are able to offer very favorable lead times. In most cases, we have the production molds in hand within two months.

Our unique full service model will save you both time and effort. We will assemble components and add any necessary coatings or adhesives. We will thoroughly inspect your finished product and place it in custom retail packaging. We will process and fill orders from our facility outside Albany, N.Y. and ship via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or various trucking companies, to anywhere in the world. What other silicone household products manufacturer can say that?

Food Grade Silicone Molding

Silicone is considered “food-grade” if it meets rigorous standards for proving safe for use in direct contact with food. Extreme Molding is a recognized expert in food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicone molding, and is a trusted manufacturer of hospital-issued neonatal pacifiers and the Baby Banana Brush, a unique toothbrush and teether for infants. We are experienced in the regulatory requirements for food-use applications.

Overmolding Electronics

Today’s high-tech consumer products require a manufacturer with the technical expertise to take on complex designs and the knowledge of materials to know what will work best for each application. Extreme Molding was at the forefront of overmolding electronics with high-performance plastic or silicone and has produced products that include a bracelet for prisoner tracking, a wearable phone and smart locator for kids.

As a U.S.-based company, we can offer full traceability and ensure that your intellectual property is preserved. By sourcing our molds in the United States, we improve quality and reduce lead times, so your product gets to consumers faster. We will also be more flexible and more responsive to your needs than any overseas vendor.

We looked for a US manufacturing partner for a full year before we finally found Extreme Molding. They found creative ways to help us bring costs down so that we could afford to manufacture in the US, and the fact that they also do fulfillment helps us realize additional savings as well. The Extreme Molding Team has integrity, tons of expertise, and maintains a high standard of quality in everything they do. All in all, they are excellent partners, and amazing people.

Laura Mason Bottle