Factors to Consider When Upscaling Production to Large Volumes


Taking the next step towards high-volume production might seem like a challenging process but the larger your order when it comes to injection molding the more cost-effective your project can be. Find the right manufacturer and with high-volume orders you could experience best of that custom injection molding projects have to offer, as they often blend speed with large volumes of high-quality products.

Here are some factors to consider when you’re looking for the right manufacturer to help you produce high-volumes of your silicone product.

Production Cost

Injection molding is ideally suited for mass production of parts and components – thousands or million parts won’t be an issue for the right manufacturer. Because injection molding is a highly repeatable process, after the initial cost of setup, part production becomes incredibly cost effective. The more you produce, the lower your cost per part becomes.

Look Out for Smart Machining

Advances in machinery within manufacturing mean that most good high-volume plastic and silicone manufacturers are using smart machines at key points of their processes. The result is a selectively automated process that increases efficiency with a seamless blend between skilled workers, their expertise, and the capacities of their machines. Predictive data analytics allows machines like the ENGEL emac be make real-time and data driven decisions. This allows our experts to focus on bringing you the highest quality end product.

If You Can, Find a Collaboration

High-volume production projects are no small feat in manufacturing. While it might seem like you should just go with the first manufacturer you find, often what will ensure the long-term success of your product is choosing a supplier who treats every client as a partner in their processes. Find a manufacturer who is invested in creating a high-quality product that is the best possible solution for your business and you’ll have yourself a trusted partner who is dedicated to increasing efficiency. By finding a collaboration rather than a contractor, you’ll be able to grow and expand your services through a supplier who truly understands your priorities and values.

Know What You Actually Need

The reality is that only some domestic manufacturers in the US have the technological requirements to handle large volumes (at Extreme Molding we’re one of the few manufacturers who are tooled and able to handle large-volume orders) so it’s essential you make sure your manufacturer is up to the task. Historically, some businesses have begun manufacturing overseas because of their limited options when it comes to high volumes and a perceived reduction in cost. However, with the advent of manufacturers like Extreme Molding using smart machines USA based manufacturers are becoming much more attractive from the get-go because they offer a unique blend of large-volumes of high-quality product coupled with in-depth expertise and fast shipping times. You don’t need to sacrifice on quality or price.

Any good manufacturer should be fairly transparent about the volumes they can handle and their quality standards (at Extreme Molding we believe that by being entirely transparent in our processes and quotes we can help you find the right supplier) but be sure that you know their capabilities before you move forward with anything.

Trust the Experts

At Extreme Molding we have over 60 years combined experience in manufacturing and business, and our staff are some of the leading experts in the world when it comes to plastic and silicone manufacturing. We’re one of the few domestic manufacturers with the capabilities to handle high-volume orders and we only source items from the US. There are no hidden overseas suppliers with us.

If you’re looking for an American manufacturer capable of high-volume production get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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