Silicones vs. TPEs for Infant Care Products

Posted by Mike Fil on April 15, 2019

Designers of infant care products need safe, clean materials with the right performance properties and processing capabilities. Silicones, a group of synthetic elastomers, are used in baby care products such as pacifiers, baby bottle nipples , feeding sets, sippy tops ,...

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Silicone or Plastic Product

Posted by Corie Yodis on March 2, 2018

The color of your plastic or silicone product can make all the difference, especially for your consumers. It’s the first thing any customer will see of a product and can make a real impact on sales. The right color choice can set you apart from competitors and other brands,...

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How to prepare CAD Drawings for Your New Manufacturer

Posted by Mike Fil on February 13, 2018

As we’ve previously mentioned, when you’re considering moving manufacturer or reshoring your product to the USA it’s important to have design files (CAD drawings) of your product on hand. Using these files, your manufacturer can develop a deeper understanding of your product...

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Essential NYS Medical Manufacturer

Posted by Penny Rodden on April 13, 2020



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Extreme Molding is known in the Silicone and Plastic Injection Molding industry as a quality driven leader. We have been fortunate to work with many leading companies over the years. These leaders expect to receive superior performance and service based on our reputation. We often receive referrals, many of whom become our new customers.

Since March, many companies working on products for the Covid-19 pandemic have approached us, knowing we manufacture silicone molded parts, many for medical applications. As such, we are considered an essential and preferred New York manufacturer. We were recently recognized by the Center for Economic Growth in a published article regarding our work with medical products suppliers:


“Extreme Molding is widely recognized for routinely demonstrating the highest level of performance in engineering, innovation, manufacturing, quality and a full commitment to being a great resource and partner for the entire region."
Tom Bell, Project Manager for the CEG.


We have and will continue to work diligently with the community, state, country and around the globe to supply quality manufactured parts to assist, when possible, in the fight against the pandemic.

Please contact us for your silicone or plastic injection molding, packaging and fulfillment needs by contacting our Sales Representative at or calling (518) 542-9230.

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