Selective Automation: A Higher Standard of Injection Molding

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our silicone processes, and make sure we bring our partners only the best silicone injection molding products.

One of the ways we like to focus on quality coupled with efficiency is to refine our selective automation processes. Automation can really speed up your injection molding, but it’s easy to get so caught up in automation that your silicone manufacturer might let the value of expert workers and other processes slip through the cracks.

Here’s how selective automation can speed up manufacturing, improve quality, and positively impact your bottom-line meaning your bulk silicone production projects are on budget, on time, and exceed expectations.

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More Efficient Injection Molding Machines

When it comes to silicone, injection molding machine tonnage isn’t everything. More and more, we’re seeing smart machines taking over and improving the injection molding experience by being able to track and adjust for real time data.

You might expect that the bigger the machine the better the injection molding, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Most of the time, bigger machines just mean that the manufacturer is able to make bigger parts. This is ideal for large automotive parts, for example, but when it comes to your bulk consumer product projects bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

If your focus is on quality rather than just quantity, you’re going to want to find a manufacturer who owns smart machines like the ENGEL e-mac and is agile in the manufacturing process — adjusting for real time data. Injection molding is already super-efficient and highly cost-effective, so if your manufacturer is truly doing all they can for your bottom-line while meeting deadlines, they’ll be operating smart machinery.

Better experts

Occasionally, some overseas manufacturers cut costs by hiring low-skilled workers on their factory floors to run their machines — at Extreme Molding we don’t subscribe to this policy because we know the only way quality injection molding manufacturing works by having skilled workers who are able to recognize and anticipate the challenges that your machines cannot.

It’s easy to identify a manufacturer who has highly qualified engineers on their team — they’re the ones who will advise on the manufacturability of your CAD file designs, offer thoughts and insights into different pigments and silicone material types, and even suggest other secondary processes like packaging or fulfillment options.

Higher Quality

With injection molding it’s often said you can only ever have two of the three ideal goals — low cost, high quality, or on time. At Extreme Molding we believe in offering you all three and by using selective automation this is entirely possible.

Our skilled workers and management team handle the parts of the job that need expertise, and we keep an experienced hand at the tiller, leaving our smart machines to take on and execute large volume silicone projects in an incredibly efficient manner with an incredible reject rate of less than 0.1% in 5 years. If you’re looking for a manufacturer of silicone who can blend quality with quantity and bring your project in on time and on budget get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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