Job Opportunities at Extreme Molding

Extreme Molding Manufacturing Process team members looking at injection molding plans

At Extreme Molding, you will find nearly 50 professionals who are ready to be your partner in making your products successful. We are one of the few U.S. molders owned and operated by women, and our expertise goes deep. About 10 percent of our staff is made up of engineers, and our proximity to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the nation’s premier engineering schools, ensures a steady flow of talent into the future. Currently we have three open positions at our company. Please see a description of each below.

Process Technician

  • Develop new ideas and methods to optimize new processes on injection molding machines as well as compression molding area
  • By training with Process Engineers, become capable of setting up processes on injection molding machines
  • Maintain daily quality control checks on selected products being produced on the manufacturing floor
  • Participate in customer meetings, review of product performance, raw material selection and general business strategy.
  • Supporting our manufacturing operation with respect to new product start-ups, process development, and efficiency improvements (new and existing products).
  • Perform special R&D projects as needed
  • Train new employees on manufacturing processes and quality control through hands-on instruction and provide constructive feedback
  • Make sure proper safety measures are followed at all times
  • Sets example for employees on professionalism (ie. dress wear, language, punctuality, attitude, etc.)
  • Interface with Engineering and Production Managers on personnel, equipment, and/or material/supply requirements
  • Will report to Engineering Manager

Machine Operators & Product Inspectors

  • Operate injection molding machines while following work instructions for producing quality silicone and plastic parts.

  • Perform inspection of parts to ensure they conform to our customer’s specifications for pass/fail; following QC/QA procedures as instructed.

  • Follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); Keeping all work areas safe and clean.

  • Communicate machine or quality issues to Management and Engineers promptly and clearly.

  • Maintain good attendance; Be flexible with changing work assignments and learn new tasks and responsibilities.

Production Supervisor

  • Reports to Production Manager. Responsible for ~15 employees
  • Contribute towards production staffing and scheduling
  • Work with technicians to monitor and assist employees in meeting production needs
  • Train new employees on manufacturing processes and quality control through hands-on instruction. Provide constructive feedback.
  • Assure shift production goals are achieved
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Enforce safety protocol at all times
  • Set example for employees on professionalism (i.e., Dress, language, punctuality, attitude, etc.)
  • Manage any insubordinate or unacceptable behaviors in a professional manner
  • Interface with Production Manager on personnel, equipment, and/or material/supply requirements
  • Supervisor will be expected to contribute to production while conducting these other tasks

Interested in Applying?

Please visit our Careers page to learn more about each position and apply using our intake form. Thank you for your interest in working with Extreme Molding!

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