Have You Out-Grown Your Silicone Manufacturer? Consider American Silicone Manufacturing

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When it comes to manufacturing silicone parts occasionally a perceived reduction in price (due to cheaper labor and processes) can lead many new entrepreneurs and businesses to initially choose to manufacture with an overseas partner or with whoever offers the cheapest overall costs. Increasingly, we’re finding these companies eventually out-grow their partners and learn through experience the benefit of having a good American manufacturer at your side to sail through potential hurdles with new products and large volume production.

Knowing when you’re ready to make this move can be hard, so here’s a look at key indicators of readiness to make the move or expand to secondary manufacturing in the USA.

Ready for Quality

There’s an undeniable draw to America manufacturing when it comes to precision silicone products, and that’s because of the high-quality materials and processes utilized by factories in the USA — ultimately the superior products coupled with lower shipping costs and faster turnarounds speak for themselves for most of our customers.

If your customers and stakeholders are taking note of the consistency of your products, and you’re ready to level-up on quality, it might be time to reshore your manufacturing to the States. Most good American silicone manufacturers are incredibly attractive to companies seeking to ensure their products consist of food-grade materials that are FDA approved, while also being safe by design.

While any manufacturer should be able to produce the designs you offer them, it is only those that employ expert workers who will be able to advise when you’re straying away from FDA approved pigments, or when your product has potential design issues that might not suit its purpose — for example choking hazards for infants should be considered in your CAD files.

Needing to Reduce Shipping Times

You’ve successfully established your product in the marketplace, and there’s growing demand for it online — what now? Many businesses find that their customers have an increasing impatience for delivery of items, indeed they might even choose a competitor over your product because of this. While processes like plastic and silicone injection molding is generally a low waste and incredibly fast process once set-up (in terms of cycle times) lightning speed shipping times is where any good American silicone manufacturer can really shine.

When it comes to quality manufacturers — you’ll find that the best of the best manufacturers often offer secondary processes like shipping and fulfillment meaning that your silicone items are ready to hit shop floors as soon as they leave the facilities. Partner this with the knowledge that your products aren’t travelling far — less than 2% of products made in the USA are shipped more than 2000 miles (compared to the 4000+ mile journey all overseas products make)— and you can rest assured you’ll meet the increasing demands of your customers.

Seeking an End to Manufacturing Challenges

Most often, people approach us to reshore their production or expand into secondary facilities when they’re experiencing challenge after challenge when it comes to manufacturing their products from their designs. What we offer to these companies is a true partnership — our expert workers become deeply involved in making sure your designs are refined to a point where the manufacturing process isn’t inefficient or producing inconsistent parts, and our involvement doesn’t end there.

We work with our partners every step of the way, from getting the resin mix exactly correct to designing the perfect packaging for your silicone products, even right through to shipping your items to delivery centers or completing other secondary processes.  Any good American manufacturer will be able to cover every process you need or have expert and highly-trained partners in the US they can work with.

The Extreme Molding Difference

On-hand to talk over the phone, electronically, and in-person seven days of the week, we know our customer service at Extreme Molding is what sets us apart from other silicone manufacturers.  When you partner with Extreme Molding we view it as exactly that — a partnership through which our team truly care about your company and product success. We’re ready to stand-by and support you through any hurdles in the process, streamlining the process where-ever we can and offering advice.

We’ve been manufacturing in our facilities in Albany, N.Y. for over 15 years and helping our clients lower their carbon footprint while increasing the quality of their products. Contact us today for a free consultation on your silicone product.

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