Complex Part Manufacturing: Working With the Chamberlain Group


We work with a variety of medical component and device manufacturers in order to produce the highest-quality silicone products possible for use in healthcare and medical environments.  The lasting relationship we have with the Chamberlain Group shows how well we can work together with companies that require precision manufacturing of silicone products. The Chamberlain Group wasn’t looking for just any partner when they sought a manufacturer to help them produce their models – they needed a partner who thought like them and had the kind of rigorous quality assurance procedures that would result in continuing high quality.

Let’s take a look at how we worked with the Chamberlain Group.

The Challenge

Supplying anatomically accurate medical models to teaching hospitals and medical device companies, the Chamberlain Group was looking for a high-quality manufacturer to create some of their select pieces. Outsourcing incredibly few products, the Chamberlain Group was looking to be assured of the quality and capability of any external partner as well as transparency of processes. There was an essential requirement that the items delivered met their high standards of quality.

Given that their models mimic living tissue – and are the best alternative to the real thing for training – the Chamberlain Group was looking for a manufacturer who had exacting standards.

The Chamberlain Group’s medical models capture the consistency and response of living tissue, providing the best alternative to animals and cadavers for training in new devices and procedures. They knew that their models were renowned for their superior visual and experiential realism, and they didn’t want to compromise this when turning to an external supplier of silicone and plastic parts.

The Solution

Extreme Molding partnered with the Chamberlain Group over three years ago, offering them competitive pricing and peace of mind when it came to producing consistently high-quality parts. Quality assurance is built into our processes, meaning that the Chamberlain group could be assured that our standards could match their own.


The Result

We’ve been working with the Chamberlain Group for over three years, partnering to manufacturer select cast products. We’ve loved working with the Chamberlain Group and exceeding their expectations along the way.

One of the things that makes our relationship truly work is our dedication to being responsive and making sure deadlines are met. We’re a partner the Chamberlain Group can rely upon because we keep our promises.

John Maturevich, from the Chamberlain Group, said: “We outsource production on very few of our precision cast products, but we found that Extreme Molding meets our exacting standards. The company is responsive, honors deadlines, and offers competitive pricing. In the three years we’ve been working with them, we’ve found they always go “above and beyond” in customer service.”

The Future

We work with a range of healthcare and medical product companies to supply the highest quality components and devices. Our history is steeped in healthcare manufacturing – since this one of the verticals we began producing in over fifteen years ago – and we know that our future is heavily embedded in the medical industry too.

As premium producers of non-toxic silicone products for medical and healthcare uses, made using FDA approved materials, we’re the ideal USA-based manufacturer for your project. If you have a medical device or healthcare product that you need to produce, get in touch with us today. We can provide a free initial consultation, sign NDA agreements, and manufacture your healthcare items to exacting standards.

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