Celebrating Earth Day Year Around

Extreme Molding cares about the people who use our products and the environment we all live in. All of our silicones are BPA- and phthalate-free and we utilize environmentally friendly packaging when we can. As a US silicone injection molding company, we can give you reassurances on the environmental impact of your silicone products and overmolding that overseas companies simply cannot. 

US Manufacturing for Global Sustainability

Injection molding of silicone in the USA not only offers you dramatically lower transportation costs, but it also means your products are close geographically to your markets. That will make a difference to the carbon footprint of your product from production through to packaging and fulfillment

Sustainability is an attractive selling feature for many consumers, so being able to say your product has a lower carbon footprint than your competitors is a strong advantage. You’re offering many consumers a guilt-free purchase of your products and making a promise to your customers about your commitment to environmental considerations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability in manufacturing is important because it can reduce costs, waste, and provide a competitive advantage over product competitors. We work hard to improve environmental sustainability across our manufacturing processes and in our organization. 

Here are a few ways we practice sustainability in our factory:

  • Our company strives to remain under a 3% scrap rate. We purchase specific tools to use to help reduce the scrap rate.
  • The use of cold-deck tooling technology helps eliminate tens of thousands of pounds of silicone from going to landfills annually  
  • No exhaust from our factory
  • We save on emissions by having a full-service production model. Molding, packaging, and fulfillment all take place in the same location.
  • We provide individual fulfillment, which means there is reduced waste compared to shipping to one location and then having it get shipped out again.

Strategic Manufacturing Partner

When working with a US silicone product manufacturer like Extreme Molding, you’re working with a strategic manufacturing partner. We will work with you to ensure that your CAD files and molds are going to produce a quality product and we’ll make those products with high-quality silicones. This ensures that you will have minimal waste which will save you a lot of money but also greatly reduce the environmental impact of the production of your product. 

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability practices or would like to produce a silicone part in the USA, please contact us

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