Product Highlight: The Baby Banana Brush

Have you ever been walking the aisles of a store that sells baby products and seen the Baby Banana Brush? This product was created by Live-Right Solutions and brought to the infant healthcare market with help from the Extreme Molding team.

The Baby Banana Brush was created in 2001, after a toddler was running while chewing on his toothbrush. While running, he fell and the hard plastic of the toothbrush impaled the roof of his mouth, puncturing the soft palate tissue.

Sandy Phillips, the toddler’s grandmother, teamed up with the toddler’s aunt, Heather Phillips, who was a dental hygienist. Together they created their first flexible brush. Since then, Baby Banana Brush has sold a variety of flexible toothbrushes and teethers. The products have become a staple for new moms, with more than 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and over 6 million babies as happy customers.

Live-Right has been family owned and operated since 2001, based in Salt Lake City. They started their partnership with Extreme Molding back in 2011. Live-Right was, from the start, committed to a win-win partnership with Extreme Molding. They were smart in their business plan and had an excellent product designer, Troy Tegeder, on their team.

The onboarding process for Extreme Molding was a long and thorough process, Live-Right definitely did their strong due diligence on them. Initially, Extreme Molding began building the molds in China to save money for Live-Right, but it turned out to be a disaster. From that point on, they agreed American-made molds were the way to go.

Since the partnership between Live-Right and Extreme Molding began, they have had a permanent home in one of the Extreme Molding machines, only getting removed for maintenance. The Baby Banana Brush has become one of the most recognized products that Extreme Molding makes, producing around 6 million parts. The Extreme Molding team also takes care of packaging and fulfillment for Live-Right including blister and carton packaging.

Live-Right is a very ethical company which was a great match for Extreme Molding since honesty and integrity are part of their core values. The relationship between Live-Right and Extreme Molding has always felt like a family. The Extreme Molding team was even invited to Sandy’s retirement party in Salt Lake City Utah. Through the years, they have remained wonderful customers and friends.

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