Making Your Promotional Injection Molded Products Stand Out

As a large volume manufacturer of promotional silicone items, we see a lot of new products and designs every year that are used to entice people into becoming loyal customers with the companies we work with.  When it comes to creating promotional items it’s fairly easy to understand the basics – you’ll need something that can be created on a large scale with consistent quality – but how can you attract attention in your market?

Here are some ways to help your promotional injection molded products stand out.

Choosing Your Color & Material

You’ve probably already done a fair amount of research into refining your branding. Since this is an integral part of promotional items, you already have the capabilities to create a product that’s going to stand out and attract potential customers – perhaps without even knowing it. Using your branding (colors and even values) is a fast way to create a unique position for yourself with promotional products.

There’s no limit when it comes to the combination of colors, pigment types and materials you can use during injection molding. The trick to creating something that will endure and look attractive is combining pigment and materials in the correct way to partner the intended use of the product. Anything meant for use in mouths, for example baby toothbrushes like Baby Banana Brush, cannot be made with fluorescent pigment because this is not an FDA approved material.

Your manufacturer should be able to advise on the unique combination of material and color that’s going to provide you with the wow-factor while remaining true to the product’s intended use.


Choosing Your Product & Design

Creating something consumers will actually use and use every day is a key part of manufacturing promotional items to serve as tools that can convert people into customers. This is your chance to insert your brand in people’s everyday lives. Find the right product and design and your promotional item will serve as a daily reminder of what you can offer as a service or as a product.

At Extreme Molding we’ve seen every combination of promotional items possible – from large volume silicone wristband orders for events and causes to phone holders and drinks cozies – but we’re always open to new ideas and new designs. That’s why with every consultation we take a look at your design files right from the moment you contact us. We’ll let you know what’s possible, what isn’t, using design for manufacturability. We’ll also show you how we can make your goals a reality when it comes to promotional items. Injection molding can be a complicated process and getting the process right often requires a detailed knowledge of chemical processes and interactions.


Perfect Packaging

If you can, find a way to design great packaging alongside your promotional items. For some, disposal packaging is a priority when handing out items at large events but for others this can be a key differentiator from their competitors. Looking to showcase your sustainability? Design packaging that doubles as something else and is recyclable. Looking to showcase your quality? Packaging can do just that.

If you don’t already have a unique packaging design in your head that’s okay because any good manufacturer should have partners who are custom retail designers that can create unique and eye-catching packaging. At Extreme Molding we also offer packaging and fulfillment as an in-house secondary process we can take this design and package your products for you, distributing them to your chosen delivery centers. In this way your product is complete and shipped speedily.

Seek Out Quality

When you’re giving away low-quality items, people notice and the quick assumption they’re going to make is that your services are of the same standard as your promotional items.

Often quality is a key factor that can set your product apart from its competitors – items manufactured in such a way that corners are sure to produce sub-par products – so getting ahead of your competition can be as simple as choosing a high-quality manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer who can partner with you to refine the quality of products, improve efficiency in manufacturing, and reduce your costs too can be the difference between success and not with your promotional items.

We’ve been molding promotional silicone products for over a decade and we know the difference between a design that will work, and one that won’t. Contact us today and we can help advise you on how best to get started with creating your silicone injection molded items. Our quotes are entirely transparent, as are our processes, meaning you can understand exactly what’s happening every step of the way.

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