How Injection Molding Let’s You Become a Virtual Manufacturer

Start-ups and established companies are outsourcing key business functions to reduce overhead costs and get products to market faster. Instead of spending years building a design team or a factory, an inventor or entrepreneur can hire a product designer or order parts from an injection molder. Established companies who outsource these activities can save time and money, too. Plus, with the right injection molder, you can become a virtual manufacturer in key aspects of your business.

Finding the right partner isn’t so simple, however. Many injection molders describe themselves as “manufacturing partners”, but their services don’t cover key aspects of your business. A molder who can review your CAD files and source clean, safe materials surely adds value. Yet that’s still not enough if you also need packaging and fulfillment. A partner who let’s you act as a virtual manufacturer enables you to outsource these functions so that you can get quality products into your customer’s hands more quickly.

Case Study: Extreme Molding and Mason Bottle

Mason Bottle is a young company that lets customers turn any mason jar into a glass baby bottle with its silicone nipples and sleeves. Founded in 2015, the business searched for a manufacturing partner for a full year before finding Extreme Molding, a silicone and plastic injection molder that combines expert production with packaging and fulfillment capabilities. By providing Mason Bottle with silicone and plastic injection molding as well as the fulfillment services that it needs, Extreme Molding adds even greater value by being a one-stop-shop. The ability to control a product line from start to finish ensures the highest quality product possible.

As Laura Belmar, Mason Bottle’s founder explains, Extreme Molding “found creative ways to help us bring costs down so that we could afford to manufacture in the U.S.” – an important consideration for a business that prizes the safety and purity of its infant care products. “The fact that they also do fulfillment,” the testimonial continues, “helps us to realize additional savings as well.” Today, Mason Bottle sells infant care products from its website and uses fulfillment services from Extreme Molding for over twenty individual SKUs.

Injection Molding Plus Packaging and Fulfilment

Among U.S. custom molders, Extreme Molding is unique because of our packaging and fulfilment capabilities. We can process individual orders from your company website, Amazon, or other sales channels on a daily basis. Along with our expert silicone and plastic injection molding services, we’re skilled at using a variety of software applications for fulfillment. Examples include ShippingEasy, ShipStation, Amazon Seller Central, Shippo, Shopify, and The Grommet.

Extreme Molding can co-manage your program with you, but the value we offer doesn’t end there. Our facility nearly Albany, New York includes a Class 100,000-rated (Level 8) clean room environment that’s suitable for the assembly and packaging of many healthcare and consumer items if needed. Shipments leave our facility daily via truck and we’re close to both an international airport and a train station. If you’re interested in exports, we understand what’s required to reach foreign markets. 

Value-Added Injection Molding

Today, many businesses are reshoring production as they learn more about their true costs. Injection molders in Asia may offer lower prices, but there’s a cost to communications delays and the rework that results from using materials that don’t meet requirements for purity and safety. The shipping charges and lead times that are associated with longer supply chains are also expensive. If your product is molded and packaged in China, shipping it from a Chinese warehouse to a U.S. customer doesn’t make good business sense.

By partnering with Extreme Molding, however, you can leverage our packaging and fulfilment capabilities. Along with consumer and healthcare products, we specialize in pet and promotional products. To learn more about us and how we can help you to become a virtual manufacturer, contact us.

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