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Healthcare Products

Because of their experience, technical expertise, and their value-added services, Extreme Molding has become a leader in the manufacturing of silicone and silicone/plastic products for the healthcare industry.

High-End Products

Extreme Molding is a custom injection molder of high-performance materials. Their technical and manufacturing flexibility and expertise make them an ideal choice for your high-end consumer products needs.


Unlike most of our competitors, Extreme Molding provides assembly, packaging and fulfillment services in our Class 100,000-rated environment. We can handle any of your global fulfillment needs, including direct-to-store shipping in retail packaging.

All Capabilities

We are fully versed in Six Sigma methodology, and completely dedicated to superior customer service.

Injection Molding with Superior Customer Service

silicone moldingExtreme Molding was started in 2002 to deliver expert, full-service custom plastic injection molding and silicone molding solutions to customers whose consumer and life science applications demand innovative thinking, high-performance materials and made-in-the-USA quality and traceability.

Customers rely on Extreme Molding as the recognized leader in taking injection molding applications that are complicated, critical and technically challenging and turning them into products of the highest quality and durability.

We possess the raw materials knowledge, technical expertise and state of the art injection molding equipment to produce a variety of consumer-focused products, with specialization in healthcare items for women and infants, pet supplies and high-performance items.

Plastic Injection Molding in Albany, NY

great corporate cultureAs your partner in Albany, N.Y., Extreme Molding will become invested in your success in a way no off-shore vendor can. Our team of experts, led by company co-founders Lynn Momrow-Zielinski and Joanne Moon Duncan, will work closely with you to optimize your product and help you grow your business. The customer service you receive will be highly personalized and marked by a degree of responsiveness and transparency that is rare in business today.

Our one-of-a-kind, full-service model can take you from molding to packaging to global fulfillment. We will procure your raw materials using our network of reputable suppliers, most of which are in the United States. Molds are also sourced domestically, most from fabricators within a day’s drive of our office in New York state, which ensures top quality and full traceability.

Once the injection molding process and secondary operations have been completed, your product will be inspected for quality and placed in customized retail packaging in a Class 100,000 white wall environment. We will ship orders directly to retail stores, distribution centers and individual customers all over the world.

Working with Extreme Molding means no overseas travel and no language barrier, and your intellectual property is always protected. Now is the time to bring manufacturing home to the United States, and our priority is to make that transition seamless.

Expert Silicone Molding Solutions

high degree of customizationExtreme Molding is uniquely capable of offering custom silicone molding solutions in the same Albany, N.Y. facility where our plastic injection molding takes place. This makes this company the molder of choice for consumer applications that require the use of both high-performance materials in one, over-molded product.

We are reliable problem solvers with the technical expertise, state of the art equipment, and innovative minds to take on the most complex, demanding silicone molding assignments. We specialize in health care products for women and infants, including scar management treatments, artificial nipples for mastectomy patients, orthotic foot cushions and hospital-issued neonatal pacifiers. Our expertise extends to a wide range of high-performance consumer and specialty applications, including pet supplies, embedded electronics and food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicone products.

Extreme Molding will become your trusted partner, working directly with your research and development, engineering, and quality assurance teams to give your product the made-in-the-USA quality you need and your customers expect. This is evidenced by our return rate of 0.01 percent.

We are proud to work with current partners that include LilyPadz patented, non-absorbent and reusable silicone nursing pads; Baby Banana Brush, a unique infant toothbrush and the No. 1 baby product on Amazon.com; WigWag dog collars; and YogaJellies, medical-grade silicone discs that provide cushioning and support during exercise.

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