Based in the USA • Founded 2002

Our products are proudly "Made in the USA." We are a competitive,
more quality-focused enterprise than the "Far East" alternative.

Healthcare Products

Because of their experience, technical expertise, and their value-added services, Extreme Molding has become a leader in the manufacturing of silicone and silicone/plastic products for the healthcare industry.

High-End Products

Extreme Molding is a custom injection molder of high-performance materials. Their technical and manufacturing flexibility and expertise make them an ideal choice for your high-end consumer products needs.

Specialty Products

Extreme Molding takes on the tough jobs that other molders can't or won't do. Challenging materials and complex designs are our specialty.


Unlike most of our competitors, Extreme Molding provides assembly, packaging and fulfillment services in our Class 100,000-rated environment. We can handle any of your global fulfillment needs, including direct-to-store shipping in retail packaging.

The Far East Alternative - Bring Manufacturing Home

Custom Injection Molding by Extreme Molding

Extreme Molding is a custom injection molder of high-performance materials. We are uniquely capable of molding both silicones and plastics in the same facility – even combining these different material families into single-molded products. Challenging materials and complex designs are our specialty. We are dedicated to the highest level of quality and service.

Extreme Molding has worked with several customers to successfully transition their product manufacturing from the Far East to the USA. Our molded part pricing is competitive. We offer the ability to handle required secondary operations and customized packaging in-house. Let us make your job easier – one stop shopping, no language barrier, no need to travel overseas, peace of mind on quality and intellectual property. Contact Extreme Molding today!

  • Both plastic and silicone injection molding in one facility
  • Significant expertise in healthcare, specialty, and high-end consumer products
  • Global fulfillment that includes direct-to-store shipping in retail packaging
  • Materials management & procurement for all customer packaging needs
  • Extensive raw materials expertise, including BPA-free products
  • Fully traceable U.S. manufacturing and preservation of intellectual property
  • Geographical proximity to East Coast and Canadian customers
  • Three shift/five-day-a-week operations
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