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Our Market Expertise

I compared and contrasted [Extreme Molding] to other companies and elected to go with them, partly because of their technical expertise [but also] because they were small and somewhat more flexible then some of the larger companies. It was the ability to work closely with the two owners that was very important to me.
Read McCarty, partner, SandBox Medical LLC

Extreme Molding is the American molder of choice for high-end consumer and life science products made from high-performance plastics and silicones. From our home just outside of Albany, NY, we partner with both small and large businesses throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Extreme Molding has the technical capabilities to handle any complex injection molding or silicone molding application, and we have focused our expertise in three primary markets: Non-regulated health care products for women and infants; specialty consumer/light industrial products; and pet supplies.

What sets Extreme Molding apart from our competitors is our deep knowledge of these markets, combined with a unique full-service model that includes product development support; assembly and packaging in a white wall environment; and order fulfillment. Manufacturing a product with Extreme Molding will give you the pride and confidence of knowing that your product was 100 percent made-in-the-USA, with full traceability and preservation of your intellectual property.

Our company remains successful because we have a world-class product that you create for us and package to the highest specifications. You are fair and easy to deal with, and always go the extra mile on our behalf.
Sandra Phillips, owner, Baby Banana Brush by Live-Right LLC

As one of the few American molders owned and operated by women, Extreme Molding is particularly passionate about partnering with the manufacturers of quality health care products for women and babies. We have been producing LilyPadz, self-adhesive silicone breast shields for nursing mothers, for more than a decade. Hospital-issued neonatal pacifiers also have been a core product for many years. When it became necessary to find an alternative to polycarbonate, we were first in the nation to mold BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester with silicone to make a safer pacifier.

Our technical capabilities are deeper than at many large molders, but we approach every customer relationship with the personal touch of a small business.

High-end consumer products have been a staple of Extreme Molding’s business since Lynn Momrow-Zielinski and Joanne Moon Duncan founded the company in 2002. One of our long-time partners is the makers of Baby Banana Brush, a unique toothbrush that is the No. 1 selling baby product on Amazon.com. We also work with Yoga Jellies to manufacture silicone pads that provide cushion and support during exercise.

Lynn and Mike and the others, they’ve pretty much just taken the bull by the horns. And it’s been awesome.
Robert Glover, WigWag Dog Collars

Extreme Molding added pet care products as a market focus about five years ago. We can produce any non-drug-delivery item used for the feeding and comfort of household pets. These products are made from plastic, silicone or a combination of the two. Among our partners are the makers of high-end collars, bowls and sophisticated feeding systems using embedded electronics.

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