Silicones vs. TPEs for Infant Care Products

Posted by Mike Fil on April 15, 2019

Designers of infant care products need safe, clean materials with the right performance properties and processing capabilities. Silicones, a group of synthetic elastomers, are used in baby care products such as pacifiers, baby bottle nipples , feeding sets, sippy tops ,...

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Silicone or Plastic Product

Posted by Corie Yodis on March 2, 2018

The color of your plastic or silicone product can make all the difference, especially for your consumers. It’s the first thing any customer will see of a product and can make a real impact on sales. The right color choice can set you apart from competitors and other brands,...

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Silicones vs. TPEs for Wearable Technology

Posted by Mike Fil on April 30, 2019

Wearable technology requires clean, safe materials for direct or indirect contact with the human body. Fitness trackers that wrap around the wrist, heart monitors that strap across the chest, and smart clothing or jewelry all need biocompatible materials that won’t irritate...

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Some Women Buy Jewelry...              We buy Injection Molding Machines!

Posted by Eddie Mack on February 1, 2021



              Eddie Mack                                                                                                                 Joanne Duncan

        Engineering Manager                                                                                                             Co-Owner


When my Business Partner, Lynn Momrow-Zielinski and I started Extreme Molding in 2002, it never occurred to us that we would be singled out as a “women owned business”, we just loved Engineering and Manufacturing, long before STEM was even an acronym.

The day Lynn tried to phone in the order for our two first injection molding machines, worth well over $200,000, the man on the other end said “honey, don’t you have to ask your boss if it is okay to buy these machines?” They called back after the order was successfully placed to verify the recipient, Lynn. It seems they had NEVER shipped their machines to a woman before.



Well, 18 years later we have LOTS of those machines. It still gives me a thrill to watch the products come off those machines, lovingly marked “Made in America”. I will let our talented Engineering Manager, Eddie Mack, talk about our latest machine acquisitions, which we would be happy to use to serve your needs, our fantastic customers! Take it, Eddie!


Thanks Joanne!  We certainly do not take the "extreme" in Extreme Molding lightly. To meet ongoing business growth in the silicone injection molding market, we’ve made progressive decisions to invest into improving our production capacities. It has been an exciting, busy several months. At the end of 2019, we purchased and installed two new silicone pumps with capabilities to monitor and automatically correct the ratio of material fed to our molders. This was just the start. Soon after, we undertook the task of optimizing equipment locations on our production floor of our manufacturing facility to make way for two more injection machines.


IMG_20201223_104425963_HDRIn January and February of this year, our two largest machines yet, arrived. Each machine has a custom 45-millimeter diameter barrel that allow more silicone material per injection. Our first new machine can inject up to 280 grams per shot while the second has the ability of 300 grams. For comparison, all our prior machines have a maximum injection size of 200 grams. With this increase, we can facilitate the manufacturing of larger sized products we weren’t able to before. In addition to our larger injection volume capabilities, each machine is equipped with more mold heating zones. With more heating zones, we can better control the curing process of products, leading to optimized production rates and higher quality control. We are excited to have these machines online and looking forward to the opportunity improve customer experience.

Contact our sales representative Penny Rodden at or (518) 542-9230 to discuss your injection molding needs. We have two brand new machines waiting for you!


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