Silicones vs. TPEs for Infant Care Products

Posted by Mike Fil on April 15, 2019

Designers of infant care products need safe, clean materials with the right performance properties and processing capabilities. Silicones, a group of synthetic elastomers, are used in baby care products such as pacifiers, baby bottle nipples , feeding sets, sippy tops ,...

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Silicone or Plastic Product

Posted by Corie Yodis on March 2, 2018

The color of your plastic or silicone product can make all the difference, especially for your consumers. It’s the first thing any customer will see of a product and can make a real impact on sales. The right color choice can set you apart from competitors and other brands,...

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Silicone Overmolding Secrets

Posted by Mike Fil on July 31, 2019

Silicone overmolding is an injection molding process that molds silicone over, under, or through a substrate material to complete the final part. By allowing product designers to combine the best of two materials, this manufacturing process supports variations in durometer...

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The Benefits of Full Traceability of Injection Molding Manufacturers for Large Businesses

Posted by Mike Fil on October 25, 2018

It’s no coincidence that big businesses seek us out for large-volume projects because of our full traceability capabilities, coupled with high-quality parts and in-house expertise.

Even when a staggering less than 0.1% of your parts are rejected by quality assurance (like with our products consistently for the last 5 years), there is a real need to be able to identify origin and providence at every step of the silicone injection molding process and authenticate manufacturing. Here’s why, if they’re not already, your manufacturer should be offering full traceability


Truly Authentic Manufacturing in the US

You choose a US silicone manufacturer because you know that your products are not only going to be better quality than overseas, they’ll be made in the USA and meet your shipping and sustainability requirements. You’re supporting home-grown manufacturing, right?

Well, not always. And, asking for full traceability is the only way you can be assured that your consumer products were entirely made in the US.

While many US manufacturers (like Extreme Molding) rely solely on American skill, material, and expertise, the only way to be truly assured that this is the case is to partner with a manufacturer who values transparency and can provide evidence of origin at every stage of the supply chain.


We know that outsourcing parts of the production overseas effectively invalidates the entire ethos of USA manufacturing, and can give rise to lower quality materials and risks of counterfeits, so at Extreme Molding we work solely with highly-vetted and selected American partners.

Besides this, “Made in USA” is a protected label managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) so if you’re hoping to claim this to your discerning consumers you’ll need to make sure “all or virtually all” parts are made in the US. Few companies can claim this, but working with us we can make you one of them.

Improved Customer Experience

Full traceability allows you to ensure only the highest quality products hit the shelves for your consumers. When it comes down to choosing between your preferred silicone injection molding manufacturer, what can really set the best apart is their ability to provide consistently high-quality products in large quantities. They can do this because they truly understand the origin of their materials, pigments, and components.

For Extreme Molding, you can see this in our incredibly low rejection rate during quality assurance testing (less than 0.1%). The products we manufacturer exceed industry standards because we know you want only the best for your consumers. You have a brand reputation to consider for your large business when manufacturing new products and so do we. We want to make sure your customers are blown away by your products.

Dramatically Reducing Operational Risk

When you can be assured of full traceability, you’re in control when it comes to quality, recalls, liability, counterfeits, efficiencies and cost savings. While any good manufacturer will be able to advise on the best processes and partners to ensure a streamline operation, with full traceability you have everything laid out in front of you.

You don’t have to trust that your parts are made with FDA-approved materials and components are compliant with required standards for food, baby, medical or other industries because you are given the evidence. And, in the unlikely event that products need to be recalled, full traceability means you’ll know exactly which art of the supply chain is responsible for the recall and will be able to trace route causes.

Assurance at Every Stage

Traceability is not the same as tracking, as full traceability involves many aspects of the entire supply chain where tracking is only going to tell your how a part of component moved from one sequence to the next. Traceability is the ultimate assurance. And choosing a manufacturer who offers complete and full traceability means selecting a partner you can trust.

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At Extreme Molding we have over 60 years combined experience in manufacturing and business, and our staff are some of the leading experts in the world when it comes to plastic and silicone manufacturing. Supercharge your new products and start manufacturing with an American silicone manufacturer capable of high volume production in quick turnaround times.

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